Press release: SPLM-IO Chapter in Uganda denounce the National Dialogue initiated by the team dispatch from Juba last week.

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Nov 26, 2017 [ THE BIEH TELEGRAPH]—— The SPLM/IO, Chapter in Uganda would like to seize this opportunity to communicated to all South Sudanese both within and in the Diaspora the following report in regard to the government’s “National Dialogue” which was initiated earlier in 2016 in the aftermath of the July 2016 re-ignition of conflicts that resulted into the death of many innocent people including the ARCISS.
The SPLM-IO Uganda Chapter, in line with official SPLM-IO’s position is clear from the start that, it does not recognize this initiative because it is a breach of Agreement. It also expressed its opinion that the initiative from the outset is a national but from the onset is but a monologue between the governments with itself to the benefit of some sections of the Jieng’s Community. Secondly the initiative doesn’t have the quality to replace the hard negotiated ARCISS which was signed between the warring parties in Addis Ababa in August 2015! And accordingly this position was reached by consensus and disseminated to the grassroots both by the IO top leadership as well as its Chapters worldwide hence; rejection of the said initiative became the official position of the SPLM-IO and majority of the South Sudanese.
There are numerous incidences that can illustrate how the people brushed off the initiative when it tried to reach out to the leadership among which the attempt by National Dialogue Retreat in South Africa headed by Hon. Angelo Beda who tried to reach out to SPLM/A-IO Chairman and C-N-C to seek his opinion. Nevertheless, it is now needless to mention how similar attempts were rejected by IO supporters in the region in Ethiopia, Kenya, DR Congo, Sudan and now in Uganda!

The SPLM-IO Chapter in Uganda, its massive subscribers and supporters therefore, would like to reaffirm its official position on the National Dialogue and expresses it is whole and detailed rejection for the initiative as barely an instrument for peace. Likewise we would like to report to all South Sudanese in the region that the report sent out by the National Dialogue Team sent to Uganda is concocted, fabricated and a false report. The team came to meet only with some members of the Jieng Communities in Kampala specially students to give them empty promises of to pay them school fees, University tuitions and hostel rents; but never was there any wider engagements with other communities as such that can amount into a National Dialogue. How can anybody in his rightful mind believe that there is a dialogue of some kind in times the SPLA soldiers and its militias are not paid salaries for months, civilians are targeted and killed in Juba on daily bases by the very SPLA aka South Sudan Defense Forces!
Henceforth, we vehemently dismiss the National Monologue Resolution of the Conflict designed by the team to Uganda as unrepresentative, unrealistic, false and it falls short of anything national dialogue for peace in its current shape as it appears to be a monologue between some major sections of the Jiengs in Kampala.
The advice of SPLM-IO Uganda Chapter to the government in Juba is that it should employ the scarce resources that it had collects from the tax payers and spend it wisely in meaningful developmental projects; instead it should also wait for the outcome of the revitalization of the ARCISS within the IGAD framework.

Once again
Viva Dr. Riek Machar and
Viva the people of South Sudan

Uganda Chapter


UN to Repatriate Refugees in Kakuma.

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Kakuma refugees camp

The United Nation High Commissioner for refugees  (UNHCR) have started registering and forceful repatriation of South Sudanese refugees who took refuged in Kakuma since the onset of south Sudan conflict in 2013.

Speaking to an eye witness in Kakuma 4 Juma Kuwa a Nuba of Sudan, He confirmed to Bieh Telegraph that the team are on their mission.

” They are coming in group with files, house to house writing the names of the families” He said.

Kuwa says, they are almost done with ‘Face Two’ a block in Kakuma.

The motive behind this move is believed to shortages of food ration for refugees. Many are starving and many lives could possibly get endangered. Hence, UNHCR believe, if refugees could be move to neighbouring countries like Uganda and Ethiopia or Sudan, lives could be saved.

However, Bieh Telegraph website is closely monitoring the development and shall inform its viewers and followers Asap! Read the rest of this entry »

SPLM-IO Denied Appointing Madam Angelina.

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Riek Machar -Chairman of SPLM/A in Opposition

(The Bieh Telegraph) —The office of SPLM in opposition’ Chairman Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon (PhD) has dismissed the appointment of Angelina Teny as the movement acting chairman.

In statement extended to Bieh Telegraph, the Press Secretary of Riek Machar Comrade Lam Kuei Lam said the movement has not made and changes and any letter sighting the replacement of the chairman is a wistful thinking from the government agencies.

“This is to inform our SPLM/SPLA IO members , supporters and the entire South Sudanese , that the document being circulated on the social media alleging fake appointment of Cde madam , Angelina Jany Teny , as the deputy Chairman of the people,s movement ( IO) under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny that the document is fake and untrue” Said Lam Kuei.

The new Mouthpiece strongly refuted the wild propaganda calling upon their respective members , supporters , and all the South Sudanese not to buy the news saying it’s fake information because it is baseless and the main intention behind it is to cost confusion among their members.

Many papers containing the fake signature of Riek Machar had been on the social media for some months since the onset of the conflict and one of the government ambassador to the USA,  Gordon Buay Malek has been identified as the person behind the forgery,  fabrication and defamation of SPLM-IO leaders.

Spokesperson office of the Chairman and commander in chief SPLM / SPLA – IO

Breaking news Paul Malong Arrived at Juba International Airport.

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Lt. Gen. Paul malong Awan reception after his arrival in Yirol

The former chief of military Staff 1St Lt.  General. Paul Malong Awan have just touch down at Juba international airport this afternoon. Malong, left Juba four days after his dismissal from his position sparking fear and anxiety to the civil population in Juba.

However, the government has despatched a group of senior officials who are close friends to Malong convincing him to returned to juba. Malong after three days of resistance have today reluctantly accepted to returned to the south Sudan’s capital Juba.


Former Notorious Chief Malong Broke-away after Dismissal

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Gen. Malong Malong Awan
  • (The Bieh Telegraph)—-Today President Salva Kiir Mayardit in decree announce through the state broadcasting cooperation removed his notorious army chief 1st Lieutenant Paul Malong Awan Anei and replace him with  another General who serve as the D/cogs for Admin and Finance.
  • However, the news has not been a good news to many supporters of Malong popularly known as king paul. Malong was seen making telephone calls directing his sub-clan in Mading Awiel to prepared a communal fight against the clan of the President.
Meanwhile, General Malong Awan according to eye witnesses in Juba said they believe He left the town this evening.
“Malong left his house with a pocket of soldiers and he is destine to Bhar el ghazal” said the witness who refuse to tell us his name.
he added that he uses the route to Maridi than to Bhar el gazal.

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South Sudan Students in Zimbabwe Shutdown the Embassy.

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South Sudan Students in Harare who were given scholarship and abandon by Salva Kiir Government have taken control of the South Sudan Embassy in Zimbabwe capital Harare this week.

The students are acting violently because their accommodation, fees and pocket money have not been paid for the last few months by the government of South Sudan.

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UK Troops start engineering work in Malakal POC.

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Kakuma refugees camp

UK Troops start engineering work in Malakal Protection of Civilians Camp
British military engineers have arrived in Malakal to join the United Nations Mission in South Sudan. The UK Engineers have started work to upgrade a culvert on a main supply road that is used by both civilian and UN military personnel to access the Protection of Civilians site. The road had weathered and narrowed dangerously and was mostly unusable during the rainy season due to blocked drainage and flooding.

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