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AU releases the Final report on South Sudan crimes against Humanity.

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women and children burn in unity state by pro government soldiers (Bieh Telegraph photo profile)
women and children burned in unity state by pro-government soldiers (Bieh Telegraph photo profile)

July 30, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—-The African Union on Friday released a long-awaited report into alleged atrocities committed during South Sudan’s 19-month-long conflict, but only gave the report to representatives of President Salva Kiir’s government.

That drew the ire of rebels loyal to Riek Machar, who insisted that they and the government are equal parties in the South Sudan peace process, and should both be included in any discussions about the conflict or peace.

If they can discuss things in our absence, who’s going to speak on our behalf?

South Sudan Foreign Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin, who was in Addis Ababa where the report was released, said it did not mention “crimes of genocide,” either when fighting erupted in Juba in mid-December 2013, or after violence spread around the country.

“It says there was intensive fighting but it did not amount to genocide, which is what the government has been saying all along,” Marial said.

Machar’s side has accused government forces of slaughtering members of the Nuer ethnic group in the days immediately following the outbreak of fighting in the capital. Reports by human rights groups that have been released during the conflict also say there have been targeted ethnic killings, and accuse both sides of committing the atrocities.

Former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo, who led the team that compiled the report, told the United Nations’ Human Rights Council in September last year that, while the violence may have been triggered by a rift between President Kiir and Machar, it “quickly degenerated into an ethnic conflict… and it has led, particularly among two major ethnic groups, the Dinka and the Nuer, to a very, very bad situation.”

The government, however, continues to insist that the violence, which is still ongoing in parts of the country, is political.

They say you can’t put the cart before the horse. You should have peace first, and accountability will follow.

Dishonest and opaque

Machar’s side reacted angrily to being excluded from the meeting in Addis Ababa at which the report was presented to the government.

“This is a serious act of dishonesty and lack of transparency” on the part of the AU Peace and Security Council (PSC), the rebels said in a statement.

“We have asked the PSC to serve us with a copy of the report and asked that we are part of any other discussions on this matter,” rebel spokesman Gatdet told South Sudan in Focus.

“If they can discuss things in our absence, who’s going to speak on our behalf? Or are they just going to condemn us using whatever the government says?” he said.

Hours after the report was released, Gatdet said the rebels had still not seen a copy of it.

Six-month delay

The report has been ready since late last year and was supposed to be made public in January at an AU summit.

But African leaders decided then to defer discussion of the report, fearing it might upset peace negotiations.

After the peace talks broke down in early March, an alleged leaked version of the report called, among other things, for President Kiir and Machar to be excluded from a transitional government, which was supposed to be up and running by July 9 this year. The AU quickly distanced itself from the leaked version of report, and South Sudanese analysts from both sides in the conflict questioned its authenticity.

Marial said the report released Friday by the AU cites “no individuals or names.”

He said, “The intention of this report is to identify what were the reasons of, the genesis of the crisis.”

Marial said the report makes “a lot of recommendations” including that institutions in South Sudan need to be strengthened and that peace should be restored before people can be held accountable for alleged atrocities committed during the conflict.

“They say you can’t put the cart before the horse. You should have peace first, and accountability will follow,” he said.

The report was released on the same day as negotiators for the South Sudan government, Machar’s rebels and former political detainees were handed copies of a compromise peace deal for South Sudan that was hashed out by an international mediation team, known as IGAD-Plus.

The mediators have set August 17 as the deadline for the compromise peace deal to be signed.

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A Band of South Sudanese Musicians in Ethiopia will Launch Peace Concert in Bieh State-Akobo.

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Top South Sudanese Musician In Ethiopia Launches His Album
Top South Sudanese Musician In Ethiopia Launches His Album

July 30, 2015(The Bieh Telegraph) — The office of south Sudan Artists Association in Ethiopia(SSAAE) announces that it will launch its peace concert next week in Akobo, South Sudan.

According to the Secretary of the association, Paul Ruot Bayoch [Paul B], the event is organized in collaboration with the recently established Indigenous Knowledge Center (IKC) in Akobo to boost citizens morale in their quest for peace.

“As we’re hoping for peace to come to the young nation in the next round of talks, its essential to boost citizens’ morale and to restore hope for peace they have lost in the past rounds of peace talks which failed to bear fruits”. Paul B said.

Khor Deng Jang (AKA- Khor dj), the chairman of the association is urging all the warring parties to put the interest of the nation first and negotiate in good faith in the next round of peace talks to be held next week in Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

“I am hereby sending clear message to the warring parties. We want peace, no for war. We need peace to come to south south this time. Enough is enough. You put the interest of the nation first. We’re for peace and we want you to negotiate in good faith. Peace is what we long for and we need it right now!.” he said.

BulBul Dojiok (AKA- LTD), the deputy chairman of the association is urging the international community to exert more pressure on warring parties.

“We, citizens of south Sudan, almost lose hope on international community, we’re finishing ourselves in your watch. You’ve never taken any tough action which can pressure both warring parties to sign peace agreement. Rather, you opted for targeting sanctions which shall never bring any tangible result. Stop barking like a toothless dog. We’re tired of you. We want you to fully pledge to make sure that this agreement is signed”.  Said the LTD.

According to Chuol Yien, one of the organizing team and member of the Indigenous Knowledge Center (IKC ), the peace concert will be used as the official launching ceremony for the IKC.

The Secretary of the association, Paul B, confirms that the ceremony will be officially opened by the commissioner of Akobo east county under the SPLM/A-IO Hon. Tut Chot Rial.

He said messages of peace will be delivered and some of the famous local artists in the area will be performing thereafter.

Among the prominent artists who will be featured in the concert include Paul B, Deng Maroal, Jock Badeng, Gatruop Yian and many others.

The concert will take place on Saturday, 8th of August, 2015 at the commissioner’s compound.  It is scheduled to kick of at 1:00 PM until 6: 00 PM in Akobo.

Akobo is adjacent to the Ethiopian border; it is one of the most peaceful counties in the rebel controlled areas, inhabited mostly by the IDPs who were displaced by the conflict in Bor, Malakal and Unity State.

The association secretary can be reached at

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A Letter To Beny Kiir Mayardit: Pay attention to this issue President Kiir

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By: Daniella Valentino Wol,
Students occupy the South Sudan Embassy in Cairo, demanding unpaid stipends - July 4, 2015. Photo by: Kot Maker, Students' representative.
Students occupy the South Sudan Embassy in Cairo, demanding unpaid stipends – July 4, 2015. Photo by: Kot Maker, Students’ representative.

July 30, 201 (The Bieh Telegraph)—-This is for the immediate attention for the office of the President of the Republic of South Sudan. I have been receiving complaints for weeks now, both indirectly and directly, from the students who have taken strike inside the South Sudanese embassy based in Cairo.

The students inform me that they are on strike due to the overdue payments of a hundred US dollars each month, some have not been paid from six to eleven months respectively.
It is my understanding that students grants are set to be paid each month for those under scholarship in Egypt. So what has happened to their approved budget within the Ministry of Education?
I have received pictures of students sleeping on hard floors, amongst other appalling conditions inside the South Sudanese embassy.
They have informed me that they are starving and have been deprived of basics needs for months prior to the fact that their student grants have not been received for a long period of time.
The monthly allowance is given for them to buy stationary and books, amongst other things needed by a student.
Some have completed their degrees but are orphaned and have no way of getting back to South Sudan, leaving them abroad and possibly vulnerable.
The embassy has not been able to function since students rightly moved into the diplomatic setting and ambassadors and staff are sitting at home doing nothing yet still under the payroll.
In the past four days I have been presented with complaints from people trying to visit South Sudan for their summer break but they cannot due to the current function of the embassy meaning there is no way to apply for a temporary visa to enter the country.
Mr President, not only do we have displaced people sleeping on hard floors in United Nation camps, now we have young students sleeping in our embassy in foreign countries.
The whole South Sudanese embassy in Egypt has been rendered useless due to the current situation taking place in the country.
As we celebrate this Martyr’s day, the heroes that won our war’s children are being forced to endure conditions not necessary.
Salva Kiir Mayardit, I urge you to pay immediate attention to the situation occurring to the 160 students on scholarship to Egypt.
Your Excellency the children of South Sudan are thirsty for education in the country, and it is your duty fulfill this.
It is your government’s responsibility to bring all children in South Sudan. End text,
Daniella Valentino Wol, Human rights activist.
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Halt the Fighting and Brings Peace now, a Call on the Warring Parties to Sign Peace in Addis Ababa.

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By: Makoy Youanes Kuong,

South Sudan President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar shake hands.
South Sudan President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar shake hands.

July 30, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—South Sudan had been at war since Dec 2013 when a political heated debate within the ruling party SPLM turned into violence that has now plunge the country in a full scale civil war, thousands of lives were lost in which many commentators globally put it to be a tribal conflict after unprofessional army took the law into their own hands by targeting the citizens based on their ethnicity.

 As a journalist who had been witnessed the current conflict from the onset, in my own prospective on this crisis, I would like to draw your attentions over this social-economic and political war in our country and how the citizens felt as the war engulf the whole nation.
The fighting is ongoing across the country between the government forces against the oppositions which put the people in pain yet there is talk that has been negotiating to end the war in Addis Ababa Ethiopia by the belligerent parties for the last three years mediated by the regional body IGAD however,  the peace talk hasn’t yield any fruits while thousands are starving, famine is looming which will probably affect over 5 million people, 2.5 million displaced and seek refuge in the neighboring countries, over 50 thousands have been killed and  hundreds of thousands are living under the protection of United Nation(UN) in the country , the economic has collapse and our currency deflated and denied in the  international transaction, no local commodities the country produced, students who are studying oversee would not be able to study and all these are as result of the current war but will halt if peace returns to the country.
 If the people could asked what is the logic behind the delayment of the peace which the citizens are yearning for, could it be the parties putting the inquisitive of the individuals before the country or because of thinking to win the war militarily in this regard, the regional bodies such as Inter Governmental Authority or IGAD, African Union and the International community bodies such as the United Nations, Europeans Union, Troika Countries and the Arabs League should take an actions to pressurized the parties to sign peace in order to rescue the already traumatized populace.
 As a child who was born and grew up during the long civil war with Sudan, I have witnessed how devastations the war was basically in the South therefore, it’s not necessary to smashed out the foundations we have laid after we had our independence simply because of the leadership that does not care about its citizens, why can the leaders compromised and tolerated because leader comes and goes.
South Sudanese I believe generally fade up with this war and let the parties in the conflict listen to the voices of the civilians even if it won’t be their choice but for the seeks of peace, looks the SPLM and the Sudan government won’t won the war either but came into their sense that peace was paramount.
 I called upon the leaders of SPLM-G, the SPLM-IO and the SPLM political detainees to put aside their differences in order to bring peace which is comprehensive and widely address the range of issues that the people needed.
 In conclusion, peace is vital, peace is paramount everybody needs it, brings the peace now such that we begin the rehabilitation after the impose destruction brought about by the SPLM, the parties in the conflict have to speed up the negotiation and sign peace that will mark the tranquility and harmonized the broken bonds of the tribes in the country.
The writer is a former reporter of South Sudan Citizen Television and greening African Magazine and he can be reach at the email 
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Lou Nuer Youth Association(LNYA) Meet in POC 3 in Juba over constitutional crisis.

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Youths and Student who are displaced in UN protection site
Youths and Student who are displaced in UN protection site

July 30, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)— Lou Nuer youth Association held an emergency meeting today in protection of civilians (POC) 3 In Juba   the meeting was attended by 300 lou Nuer youth.

The meeting was organised by executive council chairperson and Lou Nuer counties chairpersons.

The motive of the meeting is to denounce and protest against  the ongoing  move made by some disgruntled Lou youth who wanted to  take  advantage in the current conflict that scattered majority of the youth members in country , they have called the meeting that will take place tomorrow in Regency hotel in order to confirm the self proclaimed group who  wanted to  grasp the power and use the Association name and  logo for their own programs and interests without knowledge of the legitimate Lou Nuer executive council members.

Constitutionally, the Lou Nuer youth Association executive body tenure in the office came to an end in 2013 before the eruption of the conflict in Juba, prior to election, the electoral committee body was formed  to run and supervise the election process, Peter Reat Gatkuoth was nominated as a chairman of the committee  unfortunately, the election was not  carried out as scheduled due to December 15 event which causes constitutional  vacuum in association leadership, enough fund was mobilised equivalent to 10,000 ssp to  cover election expenses.

Now the chairman nominated to supervise the election turns against the constitution and wants to grasp and assume leadership without knowledge of Lou Nuer  executive council and counties.

Realistically, the chairman of electoral committee is not allowed Constitutionally to call a meeting nor to assume association leadership without consultation from relevant branches like executive council and counties executive leadership.

Therefore, Lou Nuer executive council in coordination with Lou Nuer counties leadership convened this emergency to denounce this illegal body to use LNYA name.

The resolution of the meeting cited the following points;

1 – The meeting that was  organised to take place in regency hotel is illegal and shouldn’t be attended by any Lou Nuer member who believes

2- Urging all Lou Nuer members in POC 1,  2 , 3 and those who hide them selves out side Juba to distant themselves from those youth who are using Lou nuer youth association for the or own gain.

3- Lou Nuer executive council mandated to assume leadership with all the responsibilities  until stability is restored.

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Payinjiar Commissioner’s response to Nyuon Joak

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Panyijar county is at the centre of one of the largest swamps in the world; SUDD
Panyijar county is at the centre of one of the largest swamps in the world; SUDD


In search for a lasting solution to the issues besetting the country rooted from lack of; good governance, justice, equality for all citizens, democracy, rule of law and many more, I Col.John Tap puot Kang has no objection or criticisms on the composition of South Sudan war mediators or their decisions as long as I have my trusted able top political leadership served with a copy of the IGAD¬-Plus peace proposal as earlier as on the 24th/7/2015 to study its contents, share all the areas of concerns, our position is always officially left to the expertise of our chief negotiator comrade General Taban Deng Gai on the table not just on the streets by irresponsible persons. Real issues are discussed on the table to attain recognition and decency not on the streets or hotels by unauthorized individuals as seen now under the Juba regime. Should I have a burning point of discontent on matters relating to peace for South Sudan, I’m principled to address it through our chief negotiator.

It is unfortunate and imperative to see people claiming to have a hard clench and grip on power who call themselves people in government who are supposed to take the lead in appreciating peace efforts by the international community frustrating efforts irresponsibly because of the backing from their bought foreign fighters. To me as a principled and oriented fighter and commissioner of Payinjiar County, I see IGAD-PLUS body as a blessing rather than a curse to facilitate our faithful and peaceful negotiation till we achieve a just and lasting peace for all South Sudanese citizens.

IGAD-PLUS have the right tools, mechanisms, strategies and experiences to resolve these kinds of problems. It is apparent to the whole world that individuals in the so call government do not need peace lest packages and fat parcels of monies are going to be lost.

From my individual point of look of things the two armies’ provision is a provision that requires little explanation to anyone short of understanding its significance as it would be a mad idea and only those obsessed by intuition deficiency syndrome for realistic and workable peace will think of bringing under one roof two fighters whose guns are still hot with simmering smoke from the barrel each suspecting one of being responsible for the recent demise of their loved ones.

Give them enough time in separate camps even more than the proposed year and half in order to cool their tempers, open their minds slowly introducing concepts on how to smartly avert and eliminate hates, fear, feeling of retaliation, insecurity, regrets or guilt feelings till they gradually disappear in the great ocean of time then bring them together under one system embracing the spirit of nationalism but not tribalism. The immature ideology of defeating IO through the use of bought foreign fighters who acted in an impetuous manner and which has proven futile and fruitless for a period of two years from now shouldn’t be pursued longer.

However; It is important to hint this simple statement; “No man is an Island” .Whatever you plan ill against the existence of a similar being as you, there is a thwarting strategy in place. The truth will stand in the heart of inspired powers that will never sit back and watch more massacres of innocent civilians but will use whatever tools that will make you come to your right senses.

The born to rule or ruler for life agenda doesn’t exist now in the world without the formal approval by the ruled. There is nothing about a nation with nothing to do about its nationals so it’s high time you refrain from that pass or SPLM/A-IO members will jubilate in the national capital in high five should a slight inch of this opportunity for a fair peace pact be missed considering the ramifications that shall ensue.

To the Juba regime, peace means trimming the long legs of lies that grew longer and deeply rooted for so many years and that only facts shall now trickle down to all levels of government businesses touching or interfering with some sensitive facts distorted and customized to suite the preferences of few individuals/elites. People don’t reject out right the IGAD-PLUS peace proposal per see, but the facts that shall follow before the ink dries on papers. The hybrid court issue that will soon be direct on the need for accountability for the crimes committed their accompanying intricacies to the deplorable atrocities lingering intrusively in the minds of many implicated in the AU inquiry report is behind the curtain. But facts should never be viewed through discolored lenses of attitudes but accepted to allow for forging new ways forward in nation building.
Stern warning from the county Front Fire Youth for Genocide Prevention and Civil Defense (PFFYGP) to Mr.Nyuon Joak,the Nonexistent Ghost and imaginary commissioner of Payinjiar county without portfolio (Subjects).

Being in the direct control of Payinjiar Front Fire Youth for Genocide prevention and civil defense, I hereby warn Mr.Nyuon Joak the primitive loyalist exterminator/killer of his own in-laws, relatives though missed his own mother and biological brother by inches through my intervention in Nyal on 20th/5/2015, to desist from insulting the remnant youth he killed using wheeled tanks, Chinese assorted weaponries by calling them your youth to rise against me in and around the globe in your name. What lessons did they teach you in Nyal battle/campaign of 20th/5/2015? Don’t you have heart to thank whoever saved your life? How many men managed to escape death with you? Where did you leave your logistics and ammunitions?

I heard you are busy mobilizing Lakes State youth strike soon, well we have no problem how many thousands but just know two crucial points: Firstly God do not give an imbecile man more than one chance like a mad fly dancing near the fire flames. .Secondly, let anyone from our good neighbors of Lakes not to buy NyuonJoak’s idea of coming to us for attack again, and should anyone feel like then you need to arrange your family/dependents for sharing of your death wishes resources fairly such that they don’t quarrel after your demise. And our land is vast enough to bury your remains, beats will feast adequately on you and our soil will attain additional level of fertility and enrichment for future use by the generation to come.

The only option available at our disposal is just one and only one and it is simple, crystal clear for your deaf ears “No retreat” Payinjiar forests will engulf your up normal emaciated bones and skin this time round should you make a second mistake of coming back; remember we are not the way you got us. From war personnel to combat tools I have no complaint this time. I will never again allow your insatiable thirst for human blood intrude to disturbe the relative calm our people are enjoying now.

Citizen’s security against any aimless, merciless massacre of helpless women, children and the aged remains my top priority. The county citizens protection forces remain vigilant, well prepared to monitor, detect, deter and to thwart any other incursion to the territories of this county by the ghost commissioner of no citizens in the name of Payinjiar County who earns/win his survival bread from the blood money of Salva Kiir regime in the expense of his own helpless mother and brothers and other relatives currently under my care and protection.

One important thing to whisper to the ears of his masters about Nyuon Joak is that they and world must know Nyuon Joak is a citizen of Leer County, of Payam Pillieny Buma Yang. His head chief is Mr.Gatluak Biel. He will never win any single civilian of Payinjiar County. We know he is working to annex our county to Lakes administration which is an empty dream for and of itself. Ask him his head chief, head man or clan in Payinjiar and he will keep silent forever like a dead man.

Nyuon Joak to observe ethical norms when addressing the most senior citizens of high political hierarchies of our time.
My advice to Nyuon Joak and those whose under; he is fighting the citizens of Payinjiar County and South Sudanese to orient him on the importance of observing ethical principles, norms and values and that irresponsible insults on the most senior citizens of high political hierarchies of our time just on the basis of their political or ideological differences do not only equate you to a mad man chasing mirages of a dry weather taking it for a pool of water but also insufficient level of nationalism.

Let one’s own intuition inform you that even the SPLM/A-IO chairman comrade Dr.Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon and Mr.Salva Kiir Mayardiit who was the president of South Sudan before he squandered his legitimacy and until his term expired on the midnight of 9th July do not insult themselves like irresponsible street children that way. Labeling the founder of self-determination leading to this independent country of south Sudan as a terrorist is bare lack of patriotism and nationalism as the word do not fit in his reputation and an apology is surely needed from Nyuon Joak declaring to the world that it was just a slip of tongue.

Nyuon Joak also recklessly labeled Payinjiar youth of being used as foot soldiers in the people’s moment. This is barely untrue; we have more than enough sons and daughters in the rank and file of our moment which you must not know till the time comes. Besides whatever our contribution is not about positions and riches the way you sold even your own mother and family for your stomach but about the rights of the unarmed voiceless citizens of South Sudan massacred every day.

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Pro Government Security Agents Captured in Bieh State- Akoba East County.

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SPLA Security personals sorrounding the pro government Agents in Akoba East County (Photo by Pur Gatwech Pur Bieh Telegraph CORRESPONDENT )
SPLA IN OPPOSITION  Security personals sorrounding the pro government Agents in Akoba East County (Photo by Pur Gatwech Pur Bieh Telegraph CORRESPONDENT )

July 28, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—- Following the plan of the Government forces under command of Maj.Gen Lual Chuol Dol and  Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang former SPLA Spokesperson to attack  Akobo County via Likwangole Route which failed due to resistance from Murle Community.

The Murle tribe who had sign peace deal with Lou Nuer two years ago swear not to of break the agreement with various resolutions although the SPLA-IO forces and Lou Nuer youths are out to the bush on regular basis to patrol and secure their border and all the suspected routes to be used by the government forces.

Since the Government plans failed, because of the pressure succumb by Murle, On Monday 14 July 2015 the SPLA forces under operation commander Maj.Gen Lual Chuol Dol sent three Security agents to Akobo East County for a mission of Spying all the military information, living condition of the people and the necessary as well as to mobilize people (chiefs, youths and some elders) in the community in order to confuse and misinformed our people which will later result into instability in the county which is already at peace.

The SPLA in Opposition security Intelligent in Akoba county detected the plans and capture alive 3 security agents with their AK47s and 1 Thuraya Satellite phone at 9:00 PM local time.

The names are as follows:


On Thursday 17 July 2015, they were put under detention under thorough investigation by Rebel Security personnel. During the investigation period from 17-26 July 2015

“their Thuraya phone were on, their commanders who sent them use to call and we had been talking to us and share us all their plans, military tactics and strategies they were to use not knowing that we capture their agents” Said the Commissioner.

Finally on 26 July 2015 at 8: 45 pm local time, the General who is believe to be from government call again and surprisingly got inform  that the rebel in Akoba have captured their agents and for all this while had been communicating to them.

“It was shocking and news of sorrow to them which cause a lot of stress to them. We told them that we have covered all their military information, tactics and their strategic plans toward Akobo. We inform them that we are going to deal with your agents in a respectful manner but in a dark room” He said.

The  commissioner continued saying Maj. Lual Chuol and Lul Ruai Koang were calling nonstop asking us to release them back to them in which to us is a nightmare for us to send them back to them.

“Our security committee will know how to handle them. Therefore I assure the general public that we are not going to kill this agents. We are not like SPLA Juba forces who don`t value life of a human being.” he said


Akobo East County Commissioner Hon. Tut Chot Rial Gaw condemned to the strongest term possible the government’s continuous plans of attacking the opposition areas instead of focusing on how to bring peace to our lovely country and give this talk a chance.

He urged IGAD- PLUS and International Community to ask Salva Kiir to pay attention to the ongoing talks instead of remaining unsleeping use all the necessary means to break the CoH and as well as distract our attention from the peace while our party SPLM/SPLA IO are busy focusing on how to bring peace to this country.

We will not continue to tolerate this, if it continuous we will no longer act in self-defense but do anything possible to dislodge them from their hideouts in Likuangole in combination with our brother Murle whom we are at peace with.

He also urged Mulre community especially Lekuangole Youth and leaders to response positively to reject the assembling of Nuer Generals and their Dinka friends of Juba not to destroyed the peaceful living condition and harmony between the two sisterly Counties of Greater Akobo and Likwangole.

Continuous accommodation of Juba regime and the Nuer Generals in Likwangole is complete violations of Two years Peace Agreement signed by Murle and Lou Nuer of Greater Akobo.

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