Government Accusation on Peace Violations is Unrealistic

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Col.William Gatjiath Deng Spokesperson for SPLA/IO
Col.William Gatjiath Deng
Spokesperson for SPLA/IO

The Bieh Telegraph/The press statement issued on Monday by government Spokesman Col. Philip Aguer, accusing our forces to have shelled their base at Leer County in Unity State is not true but, it is their usual techniques that they used if they want to attack our positions. Therefore, it is completely liar.

Their forces moved from Leer County at 7:00AM, Yesterday and began to shell randomly at the villages, burned down houses, raped young girls and ladies around the villages of Gandoor, Padeeh, Luaal, Bouth, Beer, Leeh, Guad and Dhornor. They also burned the ready grains found in those areas that shown government is naïve and does not respect inalienable rights of the local citizens.

The two parties now, negotiating on security arrangement in Addis Ababa hoping to reach an agreement to end the 201st Months war in the Country. The government chief of staff Paul MaloungAwan did not turn up in the meeting just to complicate and jeopardize the implementation of peace agreement.

Now IGAD plus, AU and International Community should have a right clue for the reason why Gen. Maloung did not attend the meeting and secretly escalating war in Unity state while we are busy to /implement the compromised peace agreement signed on 17th /8/2015.



One thought on “Government Accusation on Peace Violations is Unrealistic

    Bol Dual said:
    October 22, 2015 at 10:05 pm

    Dear readers,
    Through, Col.William Deng’statement that he had raised up under “Paul Malong Awan’s issues. Infact, these are the signs of whom they were in their proteined, whatever they have been made as an opposed War against the civilian of Nuer. Paul M. Awan knew that, nothing else will bringing theirs to an end as a well plans committed war, instead of peaceful solutions., unless they has finish their cleansly line. Let them kept switching the peace as faking but, they will be blaming when the Io, has take it wish.


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