Need for Naath Unity: What Lesson did we Learned from the Current War?

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By:Peter Gon,

Frika Maale Dancers
Frika Maale Dancers

Bieh Telegraph--Do we need to have a plan after signing of this enforced peace deal? What are the lessons learned from this war by Nuer? Who were our friends during our hard time? Who shouldered this war?

We have seen that our community was destroyed to the maximum by Jieng Council of Elder who have planed to do these things against our people once any son from Nuer decide to challenges Salva Kiir’s leadership.

We have seen those erroneous crimes committed against our people and other several devastation, our community are heavy destroyed.

Why all these? The answer to this is pretty simple: Nuer do not have common Unity and plan and how long are we going to stay with out plan and what will we be achieving without unity and plan? Some of us where seeing the danger of our time drawing very close to our doorstep from the SPLM power struggle.

Some of our fellows men with great curiosities use to ask some question like, what is our plan when Salva Kiir will resort in to military mean since we know that he will not be able to compete Dr Riek plus our experience with African leadership crisis? Our answer have been going like the following; we have Gen Gathoth Mai Ngoth, we have Gen Gony Biliew, we have Gen Charle Lam Chuol and etc in SPLA who will not tolerate any bad things against Nuer community.

Did we agree with them in case of any harm to Nuer community that they will stand with us? The answer is big No. What did these guys do when Nuer were massacre in their watch in Juba? None of them responded. What is a lesson learned here:

Nuer of today are becoming Nuer of money, they love money than their community, that was why Gen Duoth Guet, Gen Gathoth Mai, Gen Gony Biliew and Gen Puljang ect remain with Jieng council elders because they were getting pay.

Nuer of yesterday choose rights course over than wrong, so we base our judgement on wrong time,judging the Nuer of today with the lens of yesterday Nuer.

What about the Nuer of tomorrow? Only God knows the answer and with that, Nuer future is in state of uncertainity? Our only source of rescues and protection happened to be Gen Peter Gatdet, Gen Kong Chuol, Gen Gathoth Gatkuoth, Gen Simon Gatwech Dual, Gen Tang and other plus the Nuer White Army who were not in calculations……..Without these men and grassroots Nuer youth, South Sudan would have been declared a “LUEEL AYOK land”or Jieng land.

We have seen that Salva Kiir was busy recruiting his private army which happened have to carried out the Nuer massacre in Juba, a door to door search of Nuer personality. Why did we failed to do the same? The lack of unity, focus, ignorance and plan are to be blamed for this.

I have seen our problem as underestimated and poor assumption which is merely lack of planing: this poor assumption and underestimation will lead us to danger with this poor and greedy community call Jieng…….

Issues of domestic, regional and international friendship: this war would have gone against Jieng council of Elders if we had a good friends from domestic, regional and international community who involves as of Ugandan troops and other South Sudanese in their favor.

What is our strategies by seeing the worse part of lack friendship? Jieng fear confronting Naath alone: they are making friends that is why saw even different groups involving in their favor..

We need to have a plan as we are moving back to Juba. Now, the Jieng Council of Elder are well prepare because they knew very well that what they did to Naath community was wrong and they knew also Naath mentality.

When you know that you wrong at someone you always remain at state of high alert, so does Jieng Council of Elder, they are well aware and they are at state of very high alert, in case of any minor slide to chaos, Naath Community will pay very high cost price with unpredictable consequence…….

In conclusion we better decide to have our own plan as of now, a pure strong Nuer Community Leadership that will work to build Naath future by setting a goal, vision and mission that has to be follow by generations.

Thanks you for taking time to read this message.

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One thought on “Need for Naath Unity: What Lesson did we Learned from the Current War?

    James said:
    October 24, 2015 at 5:14 pm

    Don’t Fight Others And You Are Not In The Front Line Came Not Email Will Fight For U. You Want To Be Like Riak Addis Ababa All The Time In Luxury Hotels Comedown Plize And Build Your Nation.


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