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Maluong Mayom, one of the victims also in Bor January 31, 2013
Maluong Mayom, one of the victims also in Bor January 31, 2013

October 24/ 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—In the year 2008, Murle cattle raiders attacked Jalle Payam and killed many people and wounded many others, but Dinka Bor youth refused to follow the attackers and went to Jonglei State, capital Bor killed innocent sickness patients with different diseases in Bor’s government hospital. Why coward youth rejected to look after their enemy and came to killed the innocent patients in hospital?

The case in 2008 between Murle and Dinka Bor resulted to remove the governor of Jonglei State Thon Lek Deng and replaced with Hon. Kuol Manyang Juk the current former governor of Jonglei State as to control the random killing in Jonglei State. The incident of 2008 between these two tribes I witness it for myself because I was there when the fighting occurred. It had happened again in 2011 when Bor youth tried to go to Murle land for the revenge, but Bor youth fighters learned the unforgettable lesson from Murle brave-heart fighters.

If Dinka Bor youth have no momentum to defend the land and property of this community then let them leave the area to Murle community for their safety. This is my advice to them as well as my best community; if not let them hire the fighters to defend the property of that particular community instead of constant sufferings. Dinka Bor community accused Murle community for the adductions of children since 2004 up to date and these accusations are baseless because Bor traders are the very people who used to go and sold children to Murle traders.

According to Nyamilepedia report obtained from the local residents, nearly 50 people were killed, many others wounded, 1800 herds of cattle were taken by attackers, and 8 children missing.

This is to satisfy all South Sudanese that, this community of Bor is vulnerable in term of fighting or to defend themselves from outsiders. Many of us could believe that this incident was happened because of withdrawal of Uganda People Defense Force from territory of Jonglei State. UPDF left the country for the implementations of Peace Deal  that signed by two warring parties on 17- Aug. & 26- 2015 therefore, we all appreciated the president of Republic of  Uganda, Kaguta Yoweri Manseveni and the people of Uganda for  the decision they had taken.

Murle community in South Sudan is a second brave to Nuer tribe in term of fighting because the war between South Sudan government and Yau Yau Movement in 2011 with respond from David Yau Yau for rigging his votes by SPLM/A in 2010 elections was fought seriously by Murle tribe up to the signing of Co-operation Peace Agreement in 2014 which resulted for Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA).

In the recent decree from president Kiir for creation of 28 states is the major cause of fighting between South Sudanese tribes. In Kiir’s home state of Warrap nearly 100 people were killed in intra-tribal dispute over the Republican’s decree in the last two weeks.

I call upon Murle community to tranquil the situation in Jonglei State for the sake of peace in the country.

The author is concern South Sudanese and can be reached at jalduop7@gmail.com





    GatNor said:
    October 24, 2015 at 8:36 pm

    The so called president himself(Kiir) was deeply involved accusing Murle on media outlets of abducting children inciting baseless claims. The cowards have brought the Ugandans but failed to keep the UPDF around for protection. Bankrupted ideas will results in remortgaging those counties to the highest bidder for another protection saga. Predictable that UPDF forces will not be the last to set foot there, maybe the former Arabs masters are next to come defend their unionists offsprings.


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