Month: November 2016

BNFA Community Conduct Fundraising for third Anniversary memorial even of 15 /Dec/2013 victims.

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BNFA Community  which comprises of Greater Bentiue,Greater Nasir,Greater fangak and Greater Akobo.under the leadership of John Gatlouth Madeng conduct a fundraising for upcoming 15 December to commemorate war victims of 2013.

15/ December /2013  it’s the day in which the regime in Juba introduce ethnic target against  Nuer community in different part of the country, 15 December it’s the day when Nuer men,women,children and elders  were gather in hundred and burn alive while some of whom were force to eat the flesh of dead one.

During this gathering the BNFA Chairperson in Sudan John Gatlouth made remark while addressing thousands of participants of Nuer Community in particular.

He  remind the Nuer Community whom are taking Refugee  in both Sudan and those in different countries around the world, to be ready prepare for upcoming 15 December in commemorating.