Opposition Forces Captured Tonga Town.

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Heavy weapons captured today i9n fighting of Tonga
Heavy weapons captured today i9n fighting of Tonga

According to Agwelek Military Spokesman Major.Gen Nyagwal Ajak Deng he confirmed that today, Thursday 4th May 2017 at 5:am, SPLA -IO  forces recaptured Tonga Town after heavy fighting with Kiir regime forces and they are now chasing regime forces heading to Wac Panyikang West of Tonga Town.

“We captured two Tanks from Enemy forces, number of light weapons and various equipments they couldn’t carry along with them” He added.

Nyagwal said  Juba Tribalist regime forces started their offensive in Manyo County with aimed to capture Kaka and commit their usual crimes of Ethnic cleansing in Chollo kingdom like many atrocities regime militants are committing in other Chollo counties under them now.

However, Maj. General Ajak reitarate that they will continued to fight back in self defense against Tribalist regime forces in order to protect our innocent civilians and their properties all over SPLA-IO controlled territories.

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