Press release: SPLM-IO Chapter in Uganda denounce the National Dialogue initiated by the team dispatch from Juba last week.

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Nov 26, 2017 [ THE BIEH TELEGRAPH]—— The SPLM/IO, Chapter in Uganda would like to seize this opportunity to communicated to all South Sudanese both within and in the Diaspora the following report in regard to the government’s “National Dialogue” which was initiated earlier in 2016 in the aftermath of the July 2016 re-ignition of conflicts that resulted into the death of many innocent people including the ARCISS.
The SPLM-IO Uganda Chapter, in line with official SPLM-IO’s position is clear from the start that, it does not recognize this initiative because it is a breach of Agreement. It also expressed its opinion that the initiative from the outset is a national but from the onset is but a monologue between the governments with itself to the benefit of some sections of the Jieng’s Community. Secondly the initiative doesn’t have the quality to replace the hard negotiated ARCISS which was signed between the warring parties in Addis Ababa in August 2015! And accordingly this position was reached by consensus and disseminated to the grassroots both by the IO top leadership as well as its Chapters worldwide hence; rejection of the said initiative became the official position of the SPLM-IO and majority of the South Sudanese.
There are numerous incidences that can illustrate how the people brushed off the initiative when it tried to reach out to the leadership among which the attempt by National Dialogue Retreat in South Africa headed by Hon. Angelo Beda who tried to reach out to SPLM/A-IO Chairman and C-N-C to seek his opinion. Nevertheless, it is now needless to mention how similar attempts were rejected by IO supporters in the region in Ethiopia, Kenya, DR Congo, Sudan and now in Uganda!

The SPLM-IO Chapter in Uganda, its massive subscribers and supporters therefore, would like to reaffirm its official position on the National Dialogue and expresses it is whole and detailed rejection for the initiative as barely an instrument for peace. Likewise we would like to report to all South Sudanese in the region that the report sent out by the National Dialogue Team sent to Uganda is concocted, fabricated and a false report. The team came to meet only with some members of the Jieng Communities in Kampala specially students to give them empty promises of to pay them school fees, University tuitions and hostel rents; but never was there any wider engagements with other communities as such that can amount into a National Dialogue. How can anybody in his rightful mind believe that there is a dialogue of some kind in times the SPLA soldiers and its militias are not paid salaries for months, civilians are targeted and killed in Juba on daily bases by the very SPLA aka South Sudan Defense Forces!
Henceforth, we vehemently dismiss the National Monologue Resolution of the Conflict designed by the team to Uganda as unrepresentative, unrealistic, false and it falls short of anything national dialogue for peace in its current shape as it appears to be a monologue between some major sections of the Jiengs in Kampala.
The advice of SPLM-IO Uganda Chapter to the government in Juba is that it should employ the scarce resources that it had collects from the tax payers and spend it wisely in meaningful developmental projects; instead it should also wait for the outcome of the revitalization of the ARCISS within the IGAD framework.

Once again
Viva Dr. Riek Machar and
Viva the people of South Sudan

Uganda Chapter


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