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By: Dhuor Reath Badeng,

Dhuor Reath Badeng
Dhuor Reath Badeng

(The Bieh Telegraph/ Kenya)–The creations of 28 states have been received with mix reactions both locally and internationally by citizens and friends of South Sudan. I personally also want to have my take as to what aspects the order would gain currency and on what grounds it wouldn’t hold.

First and foremost, South Sudan is a country that depends entirely on oil revenues for all its activities and as any person with profound intellectuality would ratiocinates; the total amount of oil money available for the whole country in a year depends on world oil prices, the oil contracts, technology, and oil production rates, among others. So, given all the above strains, there isn’t much an ordinary citizen can do to change any of these variables in the current economic enclave that our young country finds herself in. In that vein, I don’t see any reason as to why the government in Juba would wish to create more economic instability when it’s already unable to battle with the big elephant within. The dollar has never been our good friend all the way from 2011 when the president with the approval of the NLA ordered for the closure of the oil flow to the North because of the high transit fees that was being charged by Sudan to this particular day that even a liter of fuel price has ramped up from the previous 5 SSP/liter to 100 SSP/liter simply because the local business people cannot afford hard currencies to bring in imports.  For that reason I deem it oblivious of the President to decree such order when there is so much to be done in order to keep the already available 10 States viable than creating more.

Yes! It has been a popular demand by the people of South Sudan to have federalism as well as the SPLM Party’s vision to take town to the people, but not at a gruff moment of humanitarian crisis as this. There are IDPs in almost every town in South Sudan, thousands of Refugees in nearly all the neighboring countries who even in the camps where they have sought refuge do not live and socialize like people caught in the same predicaments. They have placed their tribal identities above anything not taking into consideration the fact that they are all victims of the senseless war that made them fled their homes and to inflame all this, the government who is supposed to bring them back to their respective homes and ensure their efficacious and safe resettlement, reconciliation and eventual healing of past wound is wrapped up pigeonholing them in ethnic states in the name of taking town to the people. This subdivision of States which is driven to a significant degree by divide-and-rule politics and the complaints of minorities in each state about not getting a fair share of the ‘cake’ will not work out well for the president and his cohorts but will only create new configurations, new minorities and more numerous divisions which have already been witnessed in some parts of equatorial and western Bahr el Ghazal state.

The Presidential order is more disastrous, irritably, mocking and embracing to many “WHO ARE INTELLECTUALLY EQUIPPED” and who are now given the trial test to own an imaginary states with no clear borders, unidentified cadres, unknown populations, budget and networking roads to ease the delivery/taking of resources nearer to the consumers. I know there are perspicacious men and women around the president who could have reviewed and slashed the unwanted blatant order but only if they had had the chance to pip their eyes on the disturbing document. But instead, the ‘Oh yes men and women’ surrounding the Pandora of Salva Kiir have taken the would-have been national responsibility to their own selfish pursuit depriving not only those who might have the guts or temerities to questioning their filthy ways of corrupting everything they touch, but also embarrassing the president himself in the eyes of international community. They are just sheep in wolf clothing!

It is also to be noted that this order by Mr. Kiir was motivated by the fact that CPA II gives the two largest oil producing states to SPLMIO and for that reason, Kiir and cohorts have to derive a formula that would deprives SPLMIO of the benefits it would glean from the oil fields in those states and this is clearly depicted in the way the president has pigeonholed the Dinka of Apandang into the states of Ruweng and Eastern Nile as a formula to secure the oil fields in those areas. Oil-based political conflict can lead to the fragmentation of the national or the wider interest, unleashing a dynamic well known to economists: the tragedy of the commons. As it happens, this generic dynamic can be illustrated by the struggle that will surface in the near future as the various communities engage in fisticuffs over the control of the oilfields. In this ‘common-pool’ problem, participants will compete to get oil out as fast as possible, before the others do, leading to overproduction and damage to the oil fields. This is the problem I foresee happening with the former Unity and Upper Nile States citizens.

Nevertheless, having given some negative impacts of the order, I still personally believe that the order would serve some sense in terms of security. My personal analysis on this is based on the fact if the creation of 28 states becomes a reality, majority of the people who were staying in Juba for no apparent reasons but just for love of town life will now have to travel back to their states capitals and find something useful to do for themselves hence clearing Juba of its previous dense settlement which was used and would still be used by criminals and other ill-intention security/public officials as a tramp card to effect their misfeasance.

Similarly as I stated earlier in the previous paragraph that this subdivision of States is driven to a significant degree by the complaints of minorities or procedurally marginalized majorities in each states about not getting a fair share of the ‘cake’, it is true that some communities since the establishment of South Sudan have never felt the benefits of having a country and this creation of 28 states by the president would means ‘Jah blessing’ to them as reggae listeners would put it. Therefore as a member of the newly the created Eastern Bieh State, and not owing apology to what any other person out there will interpret this opinion, I embrace and welcome the creation of Eastern Bieh State for it will solve many issues that have been affecting the would-be members of E.B.S ranging from security issues with its neighbors from the former Jonglei State, poor development in terms of physical infrastructures, health sectors, education among others that will practically be attainable with the coronation of a new Governor who will be au courant with the prime concerns of the citizen and use the locally raised revenues to effect these developments. Yes we can!

Lastly but not the least, as we all know that we humans are competitive creatures and the seeds of conflict are build deep in our genes. We fight each other and only survive against all odds by organizing ourselves into group that would have common purposes, give morale and fortitude. The peaceful resolution of this 22-months long conflict should be paramount to all of us despite the political divide we come from. The signs of outstanding leadership appear primarily with the followers. And therefore as followers of the different political figures that run our country, we must step up beyond political sycophancy and look at things nationally rather than following the interest of the various leaders that purport to be working for national interests when in reality they are doing things to their political advantages. I have heard and read many comments coming different supporter that why would it be 28 States and not 21 states as was first declared by Dr. Machar? The best argument now should be; “There is no need for accepting federalism (creation of more state) by the government at this point since they had rejected the proposal earlier”And if the petition to rescind the creation of 28 states fails as it will, given the increasingly intransigent mannerthat the government in Juba have become, 21 or 28 states should not be the bone of contention, the parley should be; how do we go about the situation so that it doesn’t negatively impacts on the CPA power sharing ratios that were agreed by all the parties.

South Sudanese are sick and tired of all these messes and we all need to do something really quick to save the country from going to the dogs.

God Bless South Sudan!!

Dhuor Reath Badeng Jnr. The writer of the article can be reach through

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Lou youth in Khartoum vows to remain loyal to rebellion warning defector generals.

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By Khor Nyang Mabor,

A group of South Sudanese Youths
A group of South Sudanese Youths

August 25, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—Lou youth warned the current defector general saying that, they have nothing to do with who ever attempted to betray the soul of our innocent civilians who currently died for in the hand of tribal malitia men of salva kiir,
The chairperson of Lou youth in khartoum Yien Wal Lual on Friday brief the SPLA-IO chief of General staff on satellite phone during one day fund rising that was attended by key rebels officials in Khartoum.

On a salite phone contact rebel chief of Gen staff Major General Simon Gatwech Dual calls on his home yourth to distant them selve from such a invidual who work for their selve gain.
The gathering was attended by highly ranking Military officers, former Members of parliament(MP),Former Directors General(DG), community y leaders and religious leaders as well as others technical fields in various institutions.

Gatwech calls on the entire youth to remain united and have one voice examine the cause of the current rebellion that was imposed on us by Salva Kiir dictatorial regime.“On a satellite phone call that was connected to the louder drivers, Gatwech told the audients to always carry their cross rally behind the leadership the visionary leadership of Dr. Machar who fought tirely to defeat the tribalist leader Salva Kiir. Gatwech warned that, those who are carries out confussion on various media are the betrayal but have got no bases on the ground’ he call on all youth to report back to their various deployment and observes all the necessarily military training of different units. The highly ranking officers who attended the training were:
Major Gen: David Reath Malual.
Brig Gen: Thoch Chany.
Representative of SPLM/SPLA in Sudan Col: Malual Biliew.
Representative of the SPLM/SPLA-IO in the Republic of Brazil HE: James Mawich Malual.
Hon: Khot Martine.
Director Gen Yiel Yoack.

In such a occasion, various community leaders praised Lou Nuer for their stand and their victories various battle fields in the current conflict. Hon: Khot Martin in his speech assured youths and the community at large saying the current crisis is not a conflict between Nuer and Dinka but it’s a national issue.

The invited Hon: told the crowd that, when the fighting erupted in Juba, all of us started escaping from the discriminating killing which was targeting Nuer ethnics and no matter whether a soldier, politician or any other status.

Women and children also became victim of what they were not aware of, currently, the rebellion have spread all over the country “he continues. Martin was referring to the present of the movement (rebel) in greater Bahr-Elgazal with Major Gen Daw Atur Jong and in greater Equatoria with Major Martin Kenyi.

Brig Gen:Thoch Chany in the other hand have congratulated the Lou youth for so many victories in different parts of the regions. Thoch “said that, Lou Nuer in collaboration with Gawar were the first people who responded and stroked back for the killing of innocent civilians in Juba by Kiir’s private militias who murdered more-than 20,000 an army citizens.

“He continued narrating that, Lou fought in both Upper Nile together with Jikany as well as in Khorfulus, Ganald, Dolep, phom-Zaraf, Ayod, Duk and beyond the capital city of Jonglei where they defeated the foreign troop Uganda People Defend Force (UPDF).

The SPLM/SPLA representative of Republic of Brazil HE: James Mawich Malual that was delegated by Machar to come and convey the message of peace to people of Khartoum has brief the gathering on the position of the movement on peace process.

He said that,” Machar is conveying his peace message to all S.Sudanese and congratulate for standing behind the movement up to the last door. In his words, Mawich said that,” Machar signature to the IGAD’S proposal is a record to the world as well as the people of S.Sudan and that will remain as a big wound to Salva Kiir for the rest of his life. “The Hon: was referring to reference as Machar signed the peace deal which closed out the president who keeps saying that peace is around the corner but refused to sign it when the deal reached to its last door.

Mawich concluded his words saying,” the last proposal was brought to the house for debating by Machar before one hour of his signatory. Brig Gen: Reath Malual in a meeting warned the double agent saying this time, the movement shall strengthen all institutions including justice and who ever seen mobilizing the resources in the name of innocent citizens who suffer in the hand of dictator and tribal regime shall be punish and isolated for the rest his life. Brig Gen call on all youths in various communities to first take a wise decision saying that “our time is over and it your turn to reform what we have started.

Malual urged to youths not to listen in to accusation of illiterate Gen currently quite the movement for their selves gain. He calls them as a betrayal of the Souls of our blood.

The chairperson of Nuer community Simon Guet Pour told our source that “all the Nuer community in Khartoum will never be divided at any cost and instead will always carry their own cross into the cause of this rebellion.

Guet was added that” the fund rising that is organized by Lou youth is a series which is done by the entire nuer community in order to facilitate the rebellion.

The author is a professional journalist and could be reached at:

The leadership of Bieh State under the leadership of H.E Col. Kong Gatkuoth Kerjiok, dismisses the media report circulated on Sudantribune media outlet as a mere propaganda and a wishful thinking by the enemy of peace designed to cover-up President Salva recent refusal to sign the compromised Agreement proposed by IGAD plus, Troika and the international community to end the conflict in South Sudan.

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Press Statement,

Koang Rambang Chol the new deputy Governor of Bieh State.
Koang Rambang Chol the new deputy Governor of Bieh State.

August 20, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—On behalf of the State Government, I wish to congratulate, the Chairman Dr. Riek Machar for prioritizing the interest of the South Sudanese who have been subjected to unnecessary suffering for the last 20 months of senseless war imposed on them by their own President Salva Kiir as witnessed by the President’s changed of heart at the 11th hour.

I wish to assure the general public that the alleged statement by the State Governor circulated on Media on Jonglei State Gubernatorial position is unfound and intended to mislead the LOU Nuer Community under the SPLM/A leadership.

Although the State leadership recognizes the concern of the Lou Nuer citizens across the globe, the decision by The SPLM/A Negotiation and the leadership was based on the interest of Peace and not as a sellout as stipulated on the media as the spirit of negotiation is always give and take.

Jonglei State leadership in SPLM/A under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar did not took arms for the position of the Governorship but to resist the massacre of innocent Nuer citizens and other South Sudanese in Jonglei State and across South Sudan.

Bieh State leadership, therefore, call up on all the Lou Nuer citizens and other Jonglei State communities to firmly remain united under SPLM/A (IO) and focus on achieving peace and Stability for the people of South Sudan which has been the Movement core objective after the war was imposed on us my Salva Kiir’s regime.

I wish to remind all in the Diaspora that the suffering that South Sudanese people and particularly Jonglei State citizens, experienced, cannot be compensated by gubernatorial or any other Government positions but only through realizing as sustainable peace and stability in South Sudan and Greater Jonglei State so that our citizens can reconstruction their basic elements of live.

Koang Rambang Chol,

Deputy Governor, Bieh State, SPLM/A (IO).

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Lou –Nuer Leadership in the ground had condemned the defection of some Lou-Nuer politicians and other generals in Pagak GHQs.

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Press Release,

Lou Nuer Leaders; Governor Koang Gatkuoth, Brig. Gen. James Utong, Thomas Mabor Dhol and other cadres in Waat Town Bieh State.
Lou Nuer Leaders; Governor Koang Gatkuoth, Brig. Gen. James Utong, Thomas Mabor Dhol and other cadres in Waat Town Bieh State.

August 20, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph) [Waat]—-In  response to the issue of  the defection of some politicians and others who defected  from  the SPLM/A-IO  under the leadership of  Comrade , Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon is totally  condemned by the Lou Nuer Leadership on the ground under  H.E Kong Gatkuoth Kerjok , the Governor of Bieh State.

The governor and his entirely cabinets and all Field Commanders have deeply explained the reason for the defections of those politicians and others as follows.

  1. Their defection has no relations with Lou- Nuer Community on ground and also in the Diasporas.
  2. The defected Generals have driven by self interest and have no connection with Lou-Nuer Leadership on ground and the entire populations, this group’s their big problem is on the accommodation management  process between Hotel to Hotel in Addis , Kenya  and Khartoum.

Therefore, we are awarring the world wide and the Lou-Nuer entire community as well as Lou-Nuer in the Diaspora that, the defection of those politicians and Generals is a baseless on ground which is Lou –Nuer area. All the populations in Bieh State are still supporting peace processes as it was proposed by the IGAD plus and the Troika.

However, everyone who is against this proposal of peace under the leadership of H.E Dr.Machar is no longer supported by Lou Nuer Communities on ground, otherwise.

Lou-Nuer Leadership is also dismissing the defection propagandas made on the Chief of General Staffs Cde, Maj-Gen: Simon Gatwech Dual after consultation with the SPLA-IO COGs. Maj-Gen: Simon Gatwech Dual has completely rejected such allegations of defections procedures; he is not supporting such a self-interest defection.

Bieh State Leadership and the Lou –Nuer entire community headed by H.E The Governor Kong Gatkuoth Kerjiok are also pleasure for their  Son who is at the same time the SPLA-IO  COGs for not involving himself  in that baseless defection.

Reported by Secretary Information

Wiyual Mut Jang

Waat, HQs, Bieh State.

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Government Forces In Move to Launch Attack on Rebels Position in Uror County.

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SPLA soldiers and a journalist leave a helicopter after a flight to Bor, in Juba, South Sudan January 25, 2014. The violence since mid-December 2013, the worst in South Sudan since it won its independence from Sudan in 2011, has killed thousands of people and driven more than half a million from their homes.  REUTERS/Andreea Campeanu (SOUTH SUDAN - Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS CONFLICT TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)
SPLA soldiers and a journalist leave a helicopter after a flight to Bor, in Juba, South Sudan January 25, 2014. The violence since mid-December 2013, the worst in South Sudan since it won its independence from Sudan in 2011, has killed thousands of people and driven more than half a million from their homes. REUTERS/Andreea Campeanu (SOUTH SUDAN – Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS CONFLICT TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

August 19, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)-–Our reliable source from  Panyengor Payam in Twic East county indicated that the government department of air-forces battalion had drop ammunition to all front-lines units in Duken county of Poktap, Patuenoy and Dukepadiet outpost and those near Pajut Payam today morning.

“This is not only a violation of cessation of hostilities agreement, but a threat to international community who witnesses the signing of IGAD Compromise Agreement in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa” Said one of the humanitarian agency officer living in Juba.

Gatluke Chuol Reat a Bieh State son living in Northern America said it’s good move to inform our citizens in the grass root of Lou Nuer to stand firm and guard their children, wives, properties and sovereignty of the holly land from foreign invasions.

Bieh Telegraph received the Top secret from Juba that two Helicopters were dispatched to Panyingor this afternoon dropping weapons and soldiers for the preparation of an attack on the Bieh State, the Lou Nuer.

On his arrival in Juba yesterday President Kirr ordered his forces for all-out of war and their target according to our sources are Lou Nuer and Upper Nile States respectively.

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Rebels Captured Messengers for Peace and Reconciliation

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Press Release N0. 7,

SPLA Security personals sorrounding the pro government Agents in Akoba East County (Photo by Pur Gatwech Pur Bieh Telegraph CORRESPONDENT )
SPLA Security personals surrounding the pro government Agents in Akoba East County (Photo Bieh Telegraph 

July 01, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—SPLM/SPLA IO have once again demonstrated their unwillingness and un-readiness to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing destructive conflict. Rebels’ subversive activities aimed at obstructing regional and local efforts geared towards fast-tracking peace process is manifested by their offensive posture, and presentation of shifting demands which has made it difficult for the long awaited peace agreement to be signed between the two major warring parties.

Concerned local actors like South Sudan Resistance Movement/Army since its inception in February 2015 has been advocating for Peace from Within Initiative to expedite peace process. SSRM/SSRA leadership from day one gave people to people dialogue at grass root level priority and in line with this principle, early July 2015, a three man Peace Caravan comprising of two sons from Lou-Nuer Counties of Akobo, Uror and a third peace loving Nuer son from Longchuk County Upper Nile State were sent to deliver message of peace and reconciliation to Lou-Nuer leaders in Akobo County. Instead of the rebel local leadership to provide response on message of peace delivered to them, they detained the peace messengers, manufactured wild and baseless allegations that they had captured pro-government security agents.

It’s completely not true and unfounded that those two sons from Greater Akobo and their comrade from Gajaak-Nuer were sent to spy on the rebels as alleged. What had transpired was that Dr.Riek Machar was upset on hearing the news that the people of Akobo County in particular and Greater Akobo in general were starting have an internal dialogue at grass root level, a process he perceived to be a direct threat to stalled IGAD Plus peace where he has been acting like a political middleman and falsely projected himself as the sole representative of interests of Nuer people. With his usual divide and rule tactics, Dr. RiekMachar ordered junior officers and civil authorities to arrest the three peace messengers despite the fact that they have had successful engagements with some of the very people who arrested them.

Rebels’ action of detaining peace messengers violates acceptable local norms and principles guiding people to people dialogue as well as contravenes international conventions on peace making processes and mechanisms.

The political and military leadership of South Sudan Resistance Movement/Army informs and calls upon IGAD Plus, Trioka, AU and EU to put pressure on SPLM/SPLA IO leadership to immediately release members of SSRM/SSRA Peace Mission to Akobo County. The leadership also calls upon ICRC to visit the detained peace makers in order to know and ensure that their rights are not violated as well as to establish communication with their loved ones.


Spokesman for SSRM Chairman.

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Lou Nuer Youth Association(LNYA) Meet in POC 3 in Juba over constitutional crisis.

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Youths and Student who are displaced in UN protection site
Youths and Student who are displaced in UN protection site

July 30, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)— Lou Nuer youth Association held an emergency meeting today in protection of civilians (POC) 3 In Juba   the meeting was attended by 300 lou Nuer youth.

The meeting was organised by executive council chairperson and Lou Nuer counties chairpersons.

The motive of the meeting is to denounce and protest against  the ongoing  move made by some disgruntled Lou youth who wanted to  take  advantage in the current conflict that scattered majority of the youth members in country , they have called the meeting that will take place tomorrow in Regency hotel in order to confirm the self proclaimed group who  wanted to  grasp the power and use the Association name and  logo for their own programs and interests without knowledge of the legitimate Lou Nuer executive council members.

Constitutionally, the Lou Nuer youth Association executive body tenure in the office came to an end in 2013 before the eruption of the conflict in Juba, prior to election, the electoral committee body was formed  to run and supervise the election process, Peter Reat Gatkuoth was nominated as a chairman of the committee  unfortunately, the election was not  carried out as scheduled due to December 15 event which causes constitutional  vacuum in association leadership, enough fund was mobilised equivalent to 10,000 ssp to  cover election expenses.

Now the chairman nominated to supervise the election turns against the constitution and wants to grasp and assume leadership without knowledge of Lou Nuer  executive council and counties.

Realistically, the chairman of electoral committee is not allowed Constitutionally to call a meeting nor to assume association leadership without consultation from relevant branches like executive council and counties executive leadership.

Therefore, Lou Nuer executive council in coordination with Lou Nuer counties leadership convened this emergency to denounce this illegal body to use LNYA name.

The resolution of the meeting cited the following points;

1 – The meeting that was  organised to take place in regency hotel is illegal and shouldn’t be attended by any Lou Nuer member who believes

2- Urging all Lou Nuer members in POC 1,  2 , 3 and those who hide them selves out side Juba to distant themselves from those youth who are using Lou nuer youth association for the or own gain.

3- Lou Nuer executive council mandated to assume leadership with all the responsibilities  until stability is restored.

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