The leader of the United Democratic Front Party in South Sudan Peter Abdulrahman Sule is Kidnapped.

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sule abdulrahman peter in  2011
Peter Abduraman sule of United Democratic Party center  in 2011

August 22, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—South Sudan has been in critical situation after the failure of Addis Ababa peace deal, many lives are being lost and many politicians are being humiliated.

After the murdered of Peter Moi the Journalist and the Speaker of Western Equatoria State Hon. James Bage Elias , there comes the news of kidnapped case of Peter Abduraman Sule of United Democratic Front party in South Sudan.

The relatives of the popular politician says He when missing since 24 July this year and no one from his close pals knows his whereabouts.

One of the family member confessed that the Lawyer met his fate in northern Uganda Adjumani Town where some unidentified persons believed to be Kiir manipulated security personals took him and could have killed him.

” We only know he when to Adjumani where he could meet his close friends, but unfortunately some men said they saw him drag away by unknown men” said Arkanjelo.

Peter A. Sule was once arrested in Juba after his vote where rig by Kiir government in the national election commission (NEC) of 2010. He also been wanting to join the negotiating table in Ethiopia but couldn’t be allowed by Juba faction.

The relatives of the Paramount Lawyer wanted their son to be free and reunite with his family.

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Condolences Message to the Family of Late Dr. Wani Tombe

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By: Gatwech Koak Nyuon,

Prof.Wani Tombi Lako Lokitari
Prof.Wani Tombi Lako Lokitari

June 05, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—Dear Family of Late Dr. Wani Tombe and South Sudanese Communities,
It’s very sad and shock to hear the tragic death of Prof. Dr. Wani Tombe Lako who passed away last week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

I personally never met him, but I have been following his statements and watched some videos online that express his real image. Death is death…there is no surprise for it’s where we all shall go.

I’m proud of Late Dr. Wani for dedicated his intellectual ability and knowledge to entire South Sudan, Africa and the World.

Late Dr. Tombe was a beacon in darkness. I personally would like to request his family to calm down and take his death as South Sudan’s problem. This is not your problem alone!

To be honest, this tragic death of Professor Tombe is not only hurting his family alone, but the entire Nation of South Sudan. I’m proud that he taught a lot of people directly or indirectly.

I would like to assure his family that the World is praying for full comfort on them and on South Sudan as well. South Sudanese may have political differences, but death has no friends.

Once again, I ask your kindness to accept my message of condolence and build comfort in yourselves as family so that our Lord keeps the rest of the family safe and clean.

Finally, I ask all South Sudanese and their friends all over the World to pray for the Deceased’s family and the Almighty to be the judge to thoroughly investigate the cause of our Hero’s death.

Hero Never died!!
God bless his dear family
Rest in Peace!

Peace Ambassador Gatwech Koak Nyuon
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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The Office Of GRECOR Is Deeply Shocked By The Mysterious Death Of Its Leader, Professor Wani Tombe Lako Lokitari.

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Prof.Wani Tombi Lako Lokitari
Late. Prof. Wani Tombi Lako Lokitari

June 3, 2015 (The Bieh State Telegraph) —- On behalf of the office of the Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR), we would like to share the grief and sorrow sweeping across the world as the news of the mysterious death of Professor Wani Tombe Lako shockingly spreads among his supporters, partners in the struggle, fellow countrymen, and the world of academia.

According to the information received and confirmed on June 3, 2015, Professor Wani Tombe was found dead at his residence in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Federal Police had to be called in, and had to break into his residence to uncover the body of Professor Wani. The cause of his death is not known as an autopsy is yet to be conducted; thereafter, the body will be taken for burial.

Until his death, Professor Wani Tombe Lako was a Civil Society Representative in the current on-going South Sudanese Peace talks in Addis Ababa; a Professor at Addis Ababa University, and Ahfad University; as well as the chairman of the Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR), and a partner to the SPLM-IO.

In addition to various other jobs in the Private Sector as well as the Nongovernmental Organizations, Professor Wani Tombe held several academic positions previously in both the United Kingdom and Sudan. He was also a retired colonel in the Sudanese Armed Forces, and a former Deputy Undersecretary and Director General of Macro Economic Policies and Programming; followed by the position of the Deputy Undersecretary and Director General for Public Procurement and Disposal of Government Assets – both in the Federal Ministry of Finance and National Economy in the then Government of National Unity.

Professor Wani Tombe was a man of stature, and a great political figure who was instrumental during the liberation struggle prior to the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005, the CPA Transitional Period, and the current liberation struggle that was imposed on the citizens of the beloved country of South Sudan since December 15, 2013. He was a great advocate who toured North America, Europe and Australia to rally the South Sudanese and the International Community behind the cause of the liberation struggle after the institutionalized genocide that occurred in December 15, 2013 which led to the current deadly rebellion in South Sudan that puts the country in the brink of collapse, and the destruction of its social fabric.

Professor Wani Tombe in his speeches during the tour gave the relatives of the victims, the South Sudanese Community; as well as the International Community a sense of hope, courage, and the way forward to bring about a change and a lasting peace in the motherland of South Sudan – with a system of equal opportunity for all of its citizens despite their ethnic background.

The family of Professor Wani Tombe, the Bari Community, South Sudanese Community, SPLM-IO, GRECOR; as well as the Universities in Addis Ababa, University of Juba, Ahfad University, University of Reading (UK) and the University of Paisley in Scotland have lost one of its greatest assets which words alone cannot describe how all felt by the news of his death.

May God rest the soul of Professor Wani Tombe Lako in Eternal Peace; and may he strengthen all the grieving family members, relatives, friends as well as his entire supporters, and the South Sudanese Community at large.

Professor Wani: You were a great inspirational figure and a beacon of hope to many. Your life has been cut short before you could realize all of your great drams for the current and the future generations to live in a country they can proudly call their own. Despite any form of shortcomings, you have done great things that cannot be easily erased from people’s memory. Your death has hit us so hard, but it is the will of God that no one can comprehend. May your ideals and legacy live on forever.

For now, GRECOR is focusing in collecting contributions to assist the family of late Hon. Lino Tombe to get the body of Dr. Wani Tombe so as to be taken to his final resting place. Those who would like to help are more than welcome; and the public will be informed accordingly about any further information.N.B. Please feel free to distribute to the various South Sudanese groupmail,
Institutions and other websites concern.

In sorrow,

Justin Demetry, GRECOR Coordinator; Email:
cc: All the GRECOR National/Local Representatives and members
cc: SPLM-IO General Head Quarters and its various offices
cc: Entire South Sudanese
Cc: University of Addis Ababa, Ahfad University, University of Readings (UK), and the University of
Paisley (Scotland)

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