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There is absolutely nothing Youth would learn from Michael Makuei Lueth Leadership.

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By: Cde. Sirir Gabriel,

Cde. Sirir Gabriel is a Freelance Writer and SPLM –IO Youth League Spokesman

(The Bieh Telegraph ) —Michelle Grace Phiri a 19-year-old university student from Malawi who is also an active member of the Youth Action Movement (YAM) in her country, and advocate against Child Early and Forced Marriage (CEFM) once said that in Malawi, their leaders kept telling them that Youth are the Leaders of Tomorrow. But when Does Tomorrow Start is what puzzles her….

The same culture is very much practice in South Sudan, African Countries , Asians Countries and elsewhere in whole world.

So, my brother Woje Justine, Warmongers, Dictators and Corrupt officials will always in difference occasions sing the old song that ‘The youths are the leaders of tomorrow. This saying has been there for ages in Political arena and that`s suspended me in a rare magnitude whether if that’s true in its real sense.

Perhaps, it might be true but in my opinion, I am very much okay with saying it the other way round: The youths are the leaders of today‘. Meanwhile, it may be, whether the leaders of today or tomorrow, all that matters the most is the desire for difference from the past.

This is the time; indeed it is for us (youths) to mark the eve of the long-awaited tomorrow for the youths to realize their position of leadership in the Country, South Sudan. Generations comes and go but upon the present lies a higher expectation.

Born and raised in South Sudan, I have indeed witnessed the series of leadership our country experienced in the last few years. It has the highest influx of unprepared politicians in Africa, with abundant wealth of natural resources. From our Oil reserves, historical sites, Wild life amongst others, yet it is swallowed by the forces of Kleptocracy.

Coming to the point, Min. Makuei Lueth said `There is no way you take away without learning from us, first you must acquire the experience from us first.`
Minister Makuei was responding to Woje Justine a youth representative who boldly calls for leadership handover to youth citing that the Country ruling party has failed to run the affairs of the nation.

If we reminisce the famous catchword: “Youth are the leaders of tomorrow” made by our leaders of yesteryears who are still gluttonously clinging on to the baton of power, we wonder when exactly is the future going to pull in for the youths.

At this Juncture, Hon. Makuei will only make fool of himself about promising tomorrow for youth and in turn, he and his likes are busy like bees making sure that`s tomorrow is never realize.

Ya Junubin…. Honestly, what would youths of South Sudan learn from Michael Makuei Lueth?
Since 2013 till presences, children in South Sudan have been endowed in work of art guns design in particular, war tanks which they made out of mud / clays instead of doing their homework and reading books. Isn’t this undeniable experience Makuei Lueth shall left behind?

Moreover, Youth are idly sipping tea under the hottest sun in Juba city as a result of unemployment. Hunger strikes them with no mercy and the government kept preaching through their own state media that all is okay. As the sun goes to sleep, the government sponsored Unit of the Unknown Gunmen terrorize them as they struggle to sleep with empty stomachs Youths Must wake up and join the fight for reforms and freedom.

Regrettably, this has robbed the
youths of their prospective, their aptitude and responsibility to be the leaders of today, consequently subjecting them to a status of submissiveness, clumsiness and gross inconsistency towards promoting state development and efficiency.

Finally, I stumble on the theme very sigunificant at this point of our history when our youths barely observe treasured communal ethics. Let it be promptly pointed out that every Country needs its youth. The reasons are that youths seize ceaseless energy, enthusiasm and revolutionary thoughts among others and are, therefore, vivacious actors of social change. It is for these reasons that they are also branded as “partners of today.” I like to tell our youths that it is better to learn how to be effective partners today so that they can truly assume the role of effective leaders tomorrow. In our national history, youths who subjected themselves to leadership mentorship rose to be truly leaders of the nation. We can mention Manawa Peter Gatkuoth, Mabior Garang, Wol Thompson, Puot Kang Chol, Peter Oyoyo Kleto, Manase Zindo amongst others.

Cde. Sirir Gabriel is a Freelance Writer and SPLM –IO Youth League Spokesman Contact him via sirirgabrielyiei3@gmail.com


Message of Peace & Understanding.

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The Bieh Telegraph)….When we were in southern Sudan towns under Arabic governance likes of Malakal and Renk we had governors and commissioners who represented us in Malakal when three quarters(3/4) of southern Sudan were occupied up by ”rebels ” who we did call “Any Anya”.

As Lou Nuer son my county was named Akobo county with its locality(centre or HQs) in a spiritual Waat; and by then we did enjoy life as affiliated Arabian cultured persons..

The appointed commissioners and governors never attempted to go and launch wars against their beloved communities in the areas which were filled up by Anya Anya who we thought  the worst rebels against national prosperity of Sudan through an Islamic misled policy of dominance…

Now it happened after we all liberated southern Sudan from Sudan my maternal Dinka are terming S Sudan to be their tribal possession yet we were the very people who convinced them through their influential personalities to have registered in 2011 at a meaningful aim to see them  casting their votes to detach southern Sudan from a unitary Sudan..

If you happened to be on the Kiir’s regime, 28 States administration please have your appointed positions and work in Juba till general polls come in 2018 where we’d all go for voting instead of allowing yourselves be dragged to go to your home society by force in order to meet your appointer’s political interests which is scheduled to shine in a policy of divide and rule…..I’m so concerned and eager to see your understandable spirit..

Author is an Academic Diplomat pursuing a Bachelor Degree in International Relations  at a renowned
University in East Africa

Reach him through this email nyangmhar@gmail.com

Regards, Willy Nyang  Mar.

If you want to submit an opinion piece or an analysis please email it to biehtelegraph@gmail.com

“Jieng Elders war Objectives: 28 States and end

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By: Ambassador Kuajien Lual

Maps of south Sudan new states
Maps of south Sudan new states

(Bieh State Telegraph/Germany)—–Many people wonders of what is in Juba, inquiring whether it’s a real government that represent the interest of 64 tribes and indeed can create system the “demand of people,” Jieng Elders fake propaganda. Jieng Elders indeed divided 64 tribes, they aren’t thy representatives.
It can’t be real whence security sectors, including Jieng SPLA Militia Corporation, tribal SPLM, foreign affairs, media/information and presidency all Jiengs although use other in war.
Bear in mind, there is no leadership today. South Sudan leadership is divided; Jieng elders own Jieng decision in the airs, IO owns its territories and unarmed oppositions scattered with Lomoro chasing Jieng Elders’ loyalty selling out people of Maridi, Mundri/WES & RSS.
It’s doubtful, whether the world and South Sudanese have understood the causes & objectives of Jiengs forced civil war complication and Kiir/Dinka elders pursuing interest in this war.

This war is caused by whim of to die a president, accompany by Jieng doctrine, born to rule. Planed implementation procedures have widely been recorded by many writers and reports, including AUCISS’s “coordinated state policy” by Dinka groups mostly from Bahr-El-Gazal;

Dictatorship consolidation against intruders, anti-oppositions; state policy, cleanse Nuer tribe whose son wants to lead the nation or the threat to Dinka elders born-to-rule policy; and last, lands grabbing to Dinka (from Fertit, Shilluk, Nuer and other) policy using state power.

Note Jieng elders’ war objectives are of many poles and have not yet been achieved. How do people expect it to end when Dr. Machar who still 100% fugitive to be a president is not yet capture alive; Dogs and Goats (Naath) haven’t yet get tire so Makuei mate with them and convincively defeated to lay down beside Kiir and Dinka elders dooming waging their tails irrespectively; Chollo, Raja & Nuer lands haven’t yet unquestionably taken; the rising Equatorians are not defeated; & when Jieng hegemony/superiority is still being challenging?

Now, people hope is on international community. But one may inquires whether international community is a person with mind, ears and eyes or persons form out of interests & anarchies.

Someone may ask, is it not Yoweri Museveni or UK the international community? If yes, what will Museveni, whom his army (UPDF) dropped cluster bombs and pursued (Nuer) ethnics cleansing (the coordinated state policy) do for self-failed state?
Briefly, international community is persons with interests; has laws without enforcing authority, loose laws & authorities; with many yes and no vetoes; form on interests and by/of dictators and democrats – many persons in one anarchy system; with a mix of like salts, sugar and sand, a combination that no man can appreciate; and that does not exist of its own rather in you, he, she, him, her and them provided that you are anointed with interest, oil and power.

These persons can only demand you to build trust. Seriously! Will Dinka government under Kiir and Dinka elders the parliament really build trust with oppositions or Dinka tribe with Nuer, Chollo, Equatorians or Fertit? I am very deadly skeptical here.
I think building trust is unlikely in South Sudan today, tomorrow and in future as a result of and under Kiir’s Jieng elders’ empire leadership. Find out if trust is possible to end this war.
I vet your company, if “Trust” the requirement of peace by international community, you would rule out the possibility of peaceful South Sudan under Salva Kiir and Dinka elders.

I may be wrong. One major objective of Jieng elders’ war is 28 states. Is 28 states a demand of people (the deception propaganda) or Dinka tribe’s demand? To any layman understanding, 28 states order is illegal, anti-peaceful co-existence and sincerely a Dinka tribe’s demand.

There is only pains and cries, no celebrations in Great Nuer, Chollo, Murle, Fertit, Maban (the confused small tribe), Anyuak and Greater Equatoria but an abundance joys and happiness, proud and ignorant of voices of anger and grievances in the Greater Dinka. See it critically!!!
Be wise; give me my freedom and take yours. This civil war has 28 states as its objective to strengthen permanent Dinka elders-rule. In perpetual planed vision 28 states have major aims:

1. Dinka Elders under Salva Kiir have realized that their planed coordinated state policy war and its atrocities exposed the true color of Dinka elders whose actions victimizing all Dinka. This loudly spoke in Jieng elders minds that 99% of 63 tribes will be cautious and careful of future Dinka leadership, political affiliation or relationship;

2. Jieng collective presidency shows them that should South Sudan be a federal democratic nation 99% of 63 tribes will likely isolate Dinka if not Bahr-El-Gazal Dinka where Salva Kiir, Paul Malong and JCE leader (A. Riiny Thiik) come from. This gave 28s illusive conclusion;

3. Should South Sudanese (including Dinka) make a join solution to this war, which I doubt, and in any inconvenience cause by democracy or success of any of the 63 tribes’ son to become president of South Sudan, 28 states order 36 has these pre-predicted solutions:

a. In any democratic country government is form through representation and majority in the parliament, either through party or community members, rule. Dinka elders calculated that Dinka community through 13 Dinka owned states (5 years time Jienginized Lol & Wau state included) will have majority in the parliament, executive & judiciary, and governors;

b. Very likely once the president become a non-Dinka, Jieng elders/politicians will table motion through 28 governors forum where they have majority as a tribe or through dominated and puppeteer parliament, that the form of government should be a parliamentarian system.

A system where prime minister is (powerful) the head of government appointed by parliament (a party/tribe with majority in the parliament after election) fouling the winner to remain as president, the head the state with ceremonial powers.
Thus, the Dinka inhabited 13 states’ governors and members of parliament will support the motion the same manner they support 28 states. In addition to fear, definitely such motion will earn majority.

Finally, South Sudan will then return to Jieng Council of elders’ rule, maybe shall impose another hat headed president with similar characters with the current black hat-head president;

c. In lieu of predicted 28s outcomes stated in a & b above, Jieng Elders inertly concluded with fictitious Dinka country. Believe this or not, Jieng Elders shall take guns to liberate 13 states or popularly become a country through referendum since people may reject another war 2020.

4. To the worst, 13 states are enough for a country to declare. This is the core objective underpinning creation of 28 states follows by wish of courting all Dinka community to gang up after Dinka elders and Salva Kiir. Example of this is defection of Eng. Chol Tong Mayai to Jieng SPLM from G10; Eng. Chol Tong applauded 28 states creation.

5. If South Sudanese will accept 28 states without resistance, then Dinka land will continue swelling, including quick Dinkanizing Raja, Wau, Maban and Chollo of so call Eastern Nile. Soon, they said communities lands become Dinka ancestral lands and do away with them.

Consequently, territorial expansion will continue beyond currently contested areas in Naath, Equatorians, Murle and Chollo lands until the whole South Sudan constituencies owned by and speak Dinka. Hence the whole country will become 100% Dinka nations & nationalities.

In conclusion, this war and 28 states have defined interests and benefits to Dinka community. The said community with Museveni & JEM has been enjoying wealth of the nation for 2 solid years without 99% of Nuer and Chollo brothers. This is so far one achieved objective.

This presumption will continue motivating Dinka led army to fight to death, meanwhile Dinka community worldwide, except true nationalist elites, will rally behind Kiir in his war of Dinka domination. 28 states creation is part of coordinated state policy that killed 20,000 Nuer, Juba.

Dinka Elders and Salva Kiir previously lost the ground to opposition groups because their objectives were too destructive to lives, properties and country in general. Now with 28 states Salva Kiir is strong and determined to die in power for Dinka future and survival strategies.

JMEC, UN and weak AU will never resolve such tribal foreigners (Museveni) backed planed war. People are the solution; either destroys South Sudan; divide it into 3 or finish oneselves.

Kiir has been the hero in the world in the last 2 years, maybe due to M7. Every international actor fears and admires him despite loses and mistrust Jieng Elders sow in South Sudan. It’s the people that can defeat the army for the country is belonging to the people by/for people.

For united South Sudan, the divided 64 tribes could choose to confront the enemy of peace, be it a tribe as Dinka Elders made it up or groups of tribal bigots as SPLM/A-IO believes in.

When people rise up, people can change the army’s tank rule. This would be possible either one of the two succeed; either Dinka community reconsider their firm stand behind their son Salveni by challenging Malong, Salveni, Makuei/Kuol and Dinka Elders whose objectives is to litter and divide the diversity, whether through gun or by giving up to fight for Salveni; or the aggrieved South Sudanese confront Jieng Elders to the end. Very quickly South Sudan will have South Sudan (African) solution to South Sudan (African) problem, Salveni called.

It’s not international community that can bring down South Sudan tribal backed collective dictatorship but the former can comes into people help in certain ways, e.g. Trusteeship, etc.”

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Ideally the SPLA should be engaged in Agricultural Activities

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By Samuel Reech Mayen

Army Turns To Agriculture to Boost Food Production
Army Turns To Agriculture to Boost Food Production

30/10/2015 (Bieh)—-Instead of grooming individuals to fight for unworthy causes, it’s rational to nurture human resource to fight reasonable wars. The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) since its inception has been doing a single role of waging war against the enemies. This was commendable when the SPLA fought against the oppression perpetuated by the series of Khartoum regimes. However, with the independence of South Sudan, the issues of poverty, tribalism, diseases and corruption would have been the next to resolve but no attempt has been made to address these imminent challenges.

In the last two years, though war did not extend much to Bhar El Ghazal region, famine struck this region because the youth who are at the forefront in production have been in the battle fields. All those who should have been tilling the land have been busy delivering military services leaving the fertile land virgin. Likewise to the youth of Greater Upper Nile and Equatorial Region, from agricultural perspective, less has been achieved as many youth are being actively engaged in the wars.

As of now, the Ministry of Defence is the sole institution with the huge numbers of capable and potentially productive individuals. As the Compromised Peace Agreement (CPA II) has just been signed, it is a plain truth that the SPLA numbers will increase sharply because of the integration of the SPLA in Government with the SPLA in Opposition. With thousands of fresh recruits of the former white army (Jec Mabör) and Mathiang Anyoor (Mathiaŋ Anyɔ̈ɔ̈r), it’s apparent that all the youth of the young nation are going to be combined into one mighty and massive SPLA.

This put prudent minds at wonder of what these colossal forces will be doing in the next couple of years. Since it has been a practice in the SPLA that soldiers sit idly in the barracks waiting to defend, the effect has been in the expenses of farming. The national productive individuals are quarantined from economic contribution in the name of military service.

Since peace and tranquility have been reclaimed, it is now time to define new developmental roles for the SPLA. This doesn’t mean that their prime role of defending the nation should be swapped but rather a proposal to utilize the capabilities of youth in the army. It is said that an “idle mind is a workshop of devil”. In most cases, the soldiers indulge in alcoholism simply because they are left to over relax and consequently frustrated by redundancy. Some of them even commit crimes as seen in the alleged deserters who recently killed innocent civilians and raided a cattle camp in Bor County in Jonglei State.

It is only through engaging the army in the economic activities that can make them live active and meaningful lives. This requires the coordination of different Ministries specifically the Ministry of Agriculture with the Ministry of Defence to work together in ensuring that agriculture is adopted as a mean of fighting poverty. If the SPLA fought all those liberation wars, why can’t it win the battle against poverty?

The fight against poverty through accepting agriculture plans can be achieved by establishing a Department for Agriculture and Production in the SPLA structures. Through such Directorate, the officers in charge can receive agricultural trainings. The department should be formed with a clear chain of command linking the Headquarters down to all Divisions with extension to the battalions. This Directorate for Agriculture at the Battalions levels can be equipped with agricultural tools for cultivations.

The government can fund such crucial scheme to ensure that every Battalion embraces the agriculture plans and identify the suitable location within their areas of deployment that can be their plantation. All the soldiers with in a specific battalion can be encouraged to take part in the cultivation knowing that what they are doing is for their own benefit.

The SPLA is a traditionally self motivated and committed army. What they just need are clear strategies in dealing with issues. If these plans are sponsored by the government, many positive impacts will be realized. Hence, embracing the SPLA as a central finger in the agricultural development will enhance food production. The results elucidated below and many more will be appreciated.

First, the agriculture production will be boosted and the nation will not depend on food import as it has been the case for the last ten years or more. With the local production, the nation will be food secured, the miseries caused by poverty will be reduced and the nation will be once again proud of her active citizens.

Secondly, since the SPLA is composed of very energetic young men and women at the junior levels, their capabilities can be channeled toward realizing their abilities. It is not a good idea to keep the young blood idle waiting to take part only in anticipated violence. This sort of anticipation develops tender minds to think as mere tools for destruction rather than potential brains for innovation. The cultivation practice can also keep them busy and fit health wise.

Thirdly, the agriculture scheme can also help our soldiers to increase their incomes. Looking at the payment of the army, the constables (privates) are paid a monthly salary of about 600 SSP which is roughly equivalent to 30 USD in black markets. This is too low for the youth who have many plans ahead. It put their future plans at stake. It’s therefore important that the agriculture is introduced not only for the national benefits but as an extra way of ensuring that the soldiers’ abilities is used for their own benefits. It is two ways advantage. It results into plenty of food for the buyers (citizens) in the local market and a supplementary source of income for the sellers (soldiers).

Fourthly, a shared agricultural plantation for a certain battalion can help the soldiers to develop the spirit of communal work which promotes strong rapport amongst the soldiers. This can reduce baseless suspicion that always dominates the atmosphere in the armies’ surroundings. On this basis, it is another way of building lasting teamwork.

Fifthly, adopting this plan can enhance the circulation of money within the territory of South Sudan which is a way of fighting inflation that has crushed South Sudanese Pound (SSP). The leading import for the South Sudanese people is foodstuffs. Millions of South Sudanese Pound is being sucked out of the economy every month in exchange for foreign food. If the military ministry takes this role, the import of foodstuff from the neighboring countries can be halted and the money can be circulated by buying local products, hence maintaining South Sudanese money in South Sudan economy.

Basically, it is a role of the government to ensure that people are used positively to build their own country. While it’s expected that the CPA II which has just been signed shall end ethnic conspiracies that have affected the nation for so long, it is also anticipated that the Interim Government of National Unity (IGoNU) will develop pragmatic ways of fighting poverty.  In this case, the hub of development is the youth who are now in the army. Thus, the national government should embrace the SPLA as a key partner in the fight against poverty.


The author is a student who lives in Kampala and can be reached at mayenreech@gmail.com or +256 772 727 857.

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The Day the Wolves in SPLM Dies is the ‘DAY’ our Country Will be Peaceful. (Respond)

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By: Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut.
Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut.

October 24, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—-I was moved and inspired by an article published by Nyamilepedia on 22, October. The Author was one of the finest writer and also my childhood friend. Its title “The Day SPLM Dies is the ‘Day our Country will be Peaceful”.

Well, Millions of south Sudanese knows how bitterly the SPLM/A fought and struggle for our freedom, prosperity and identity. While many too knows how extravagances the SPLM became after achieving the credit for self-determination. They really worked had to destroyed and distorted the hard work they has suffered for.

Without beating through the bushes, the fundamental problem situation we face in South Sudan’s SPLM ruling party is the lack of the moral authority and political will of the President to profoundly change a system that has worked so well to achieve his singular objective of being a President for life, and to be able to bestow patronage on those whose support he must endear to stay in power. Everything about South Sudan; its institutions, its policies, its values, it management practices and its dialogue have been manipulated or engineered to achieve just that. Small wonder, that these habits are now deeply engrained.

In this context, the freedom that was gained as a result of escaping from under Slavery rule from brother Hassan al Bashir has again been lost to “South Sudan Beny dits”. This seems to have been achieved as unintended consequences rather than by design.

President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit was once a true freedom fighter and liberator! But look what we have now!

We have an inherent limited potential built within our national psyche that continues to arrest our development into a modern State. The logical and apparent solutions to our problems as a nation remain unspoken about, they remain sacrosanct, hidden and yet obvious. Whenever a specific dynamics becomes “undiscussable” this collusion of undiscussability enables that dynamic to quietly seep into the fabric of society. These undiscussables can also be described as “learning disabilities”. Out political parties naturally promote these “learning disabilities” as their leaders seek to hold on to power and purge dissenters.

Leadership development as moral renewal and transformation is the only way out, but I continue to wonder whether we understand what renewal is. It is the metamorphosis of our society both at personal and institutional level. It is not the cosmetic change of titles, names or positions that we will no doubt see in our public institutions and political parties, but the complete and irreversible transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly at a moral and ethical level.

Effective sustainable change requires looking with new eyes at complexity as well as developing and using new assumptions. Rapid disruptive change is now a permanent feature of the leadership landscape and is not an irregular event to be discussed and resolved at one day conferences. We now need leaders who embrace change and not fight.

In my opinion, there is absolutely no way we can even begin to talk about economic recovery as long as we have this culture of non-accountability, non-delivery, entitlement and toxic patronage. Borrowing more money to pour into a system that is not working is sheer madness. Unless we have a drastic change of direction soon, our country is likely to remain highly indebted and we shall be slaves for ages to some.

I am sure that when a competent, ambitious, strong and God fearing nationals from SPLM take over this government in 2018, we shall be shocked at the extent of the graft which has permeated every sector of our economy. The only way we can stop the rot is by creating a totally new system in South Sudan –a new paradigm of leadership and institutional accountability. I am afraid, however, that this is not going to happen in the short term as long as SPLM’s deadly Wolves are still alive and remains in charge of government.

I have heard horrendous stories of how directors in our State enterprises are milking the system where some have as much as five children whose fees are being paid for by the company while they change luxury cars (V8) like it’s nobody’s business. All this while they are not adding any value at all and are laying off workers. This  act from the beast of SPLM has to stop.

You see (Dhuor Reath) the problem is with our political system and leadership which has truly lost the plot. That is why there is so much resistance to any political change because this would not only expose the graft within this government, but would also wrest control of the gravy train from this regime. To move from a predatory state to a developmental and federal state in South Sudan is always going to be difficult.

The sad reality is that this graft does not only exist at State level, but even within the private sector where we have CEOs who have been doing the same job for 11 years and continue to have ridiculous perks even when their companies are not doing well.

We need to reinvent our country and also create a totally new culture of work ethic.

I want to suggest that we focus on the key success factors which I think will unleash our rebirth as a nation.
These include the obvious need for continuous leadership renewal and accountability both in the public and private sector; the rule of law and the protection of private property to allow us to get long-term equity investors into South Sudan; and institutional renewal to get rid of the rot and toxic patronage systems called SPLM. We must see focus on the work ethic and delivery.

Also critical is the promotion of economic freedom and inclusivity so that we can all live up to our full potential. Rapid agriculture revival and industrialization is essential in order to reposition our economy in Eastern Africa while we need to promote human capital preservation and development so that we may fully utilize and employ our human resource assets which remain our competitive advantage.

In addition to the above, the effective and efficient management of our natural resources in order to maximize and spread the benefits is crucial for us to achieve equity. Added to this must be rapid infrastructure rehabilitation and development to improve the quality of life of South Sudanese and attract investors. Above all, we need to see sincere citizen empowerment, food security and poverty alleviation.

If we do not do the above, we shall continue to operate under the bondage of a SPLM looting machine which knows no bounds and our country will never unchain itself from this predatory cabal. The deadly party called SPLM.

Decay, poverty and chaos along with their accoutrements — high criminality, rife prostitution and open racketeering — are there as the clear signs and symptoms of SPLM for all to see.

For sure the wolves in SPLM Party are the one destroying, devastating, tarnishing and smearing bad image on the face of SPLM AS A PARTY and not SPLM as party causing the country to bleed so severely.

Follow me at sirirgabrielyiei3@gmail.com


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By: Gatgong Koang Thany,

Fresh fighting erupted in the crisis-stricken South Sudan on Saturday, a day after warring factions missed a deadline set by regional mediators to strike a ...
Fresh fighting erupted in the crisis-stricken South Sudan on Saturday, a day after warring factions missed a deadline set by regional mediators to strike a …

October 24/2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—-To the common man and woman, to those who are hiding in the thickets of the bushes and the deepest of the deplorable swamps, the coming of peace is not represented merely by the appending of signatures by the Principals to the warring parties rather the silence of the Killing guns, stoppage of raping and abduction of innocents girls and women, but most important the abandoning of the Mosquitos, snakes-infested swamps and bushes and return into the now empty plots which once were a happy home but that were harshly set-ablaze!

It’s now over a month since the Principal to the warring Parties put their signatures on to the IGAD-Plus’s Proposal dubbed Compromise peace agreement to end the conflict in South Sudan amidst celebrations among the war-tired Population of the Nation from all work of live across the globe and bitter complaints among Politicians who see their political opportunities threaten by the proposed new set-of-reality ,the very politicians who engineered and executed this unforgivable mayhems, are shamelessly resisting processes that would bring it to an end, rather they heartedly wish for the war to continue as they continue to squander the meager resources of the Country at the expense of the suffering Citizens of the Country.

Evaluations since the commitment by the main warring parties to end the conflict had sadly indicated that other than verbal rhetoric, the war has not stopped despite declaration of cease-fire and repeated promises to stop the fight by the Leaders of SPLMs Factions, so far since the signing of the Addis-Ababa Document in Addis and Juba respectively fighting raged on nonstop in many locations and all the warring parties did best is blame and contra-blame, therefore the people’s hopes and expectations are put to serious yet reasonable doubt.

As with any peace agreement, the CPASS is not exceptional , South Sudanese who are severely tortured by the almost two years of bloody civil war are harboring such a huge bundles of expectations from it, top of such expectations are but not limited to; An immediate end to the war upon the signing; the ordinary Citizens who bore the most painful brunt of the conflict strongly believe that upon the appending of signatures, insecurity shall come to an immediate end throughout the land, they thought that gun shall fall silent and death as results of war shall come to an instant end, however it’s over a month now yet the guns are still barking and many lives are continuously being lost unnecessarily throughout the country,
Quick return home; with gun silenced, the affected population thought they could bit fare-well to their hiding swamps, bushes and the filthy overcrowded camps and return to what they once call home and from scratch attempt to rebuild their destroyed lives, and having lost their entire source of livelihood, the Citizens expects immediate assistants especially from the humanitarians aids, unfortunately it’s over a month since the agreement was reached by the warring SPLMs faction to end the war and the suffering of the People once and for all, yet the people are still hiding in the swamps since they are still hunted and killed like wild animals, their daughters targeted for rape or abduction while elderly slaughtered.

The conducive environment required for humanitarians agencies to deliver critical humanitarian assistance including medicines to vulnerable Children and women is intentionally denied as the government Forces and their allied Militias continues with aggression, carrying out unnecessary offensives against mostly civilians targets for instant, in Leer and Mayiendit Counties in Unity State, in Wau-Shilluk in Uppernile State, Wundruba payam in Central Equotoria and in Maridi County of Western Equotoria State respectively, these evils acts do not only contravene the spirit of the later and deem the people’s hopes for return to normalcy but also a serious manifestation of the government’s unwillingness to end the war.

Accountability, responsibility and explanation; once the guns is silent and survivors of this man-made catastrophe settled back in their destroyed homes, they will expect to know whether the disease responsible for the mass destruction and extermination of their innocent loved ones is discovered, once that is explained, then, to seal the huge Pot of impunity in South Sudan and Africa as large and allow for voluntary reconciliation to take root in the Land , those responsible for this crisis must be held to account for their heinous crimes against humanity.

Finally; reservation asides, the warring parties, especially the government need to own up to its responsibility as partner to peace in South by showing goodwill to peace implementation process hence acts accordingly; the common citizens particularly those in the war affected areas urgently need a break from the war as well, therefore the government should do the following as sign of good will to peace; Instructs its allied Militias to cease any further offensives, including stopping raids, rape and abduction of innocent civilians immediately, withdraw its forces and allied militias from villages so that people could come out from the bushes and swamps and go back to their homes , allow free movement of people so that they could reach to assistance but most important allow free and unhindered humanitarians access to enable humanitarians actors reach the most vulnerable population that are gravely in need of assistant. It’s already one month and there is no sign of peace especially in the war affected villages.

The day SPLM dies is the ‘DAY’ our country will be peaceful

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“ The generations are not going to ask us what political parties were we in. They are going to ask what did you do about it, when you knew the glaciers were melting.” Martin Sheen.

By: Dhuor Reath Badeng,

Dhuor Reath Badeng
Dhuor Reath Badeng

The Bieh Telegraph /The rise of SPLM as liberation movement to oppose the evils of oppression and segregation associated with the then Sudan in 1983 had given hope that the erstwhile oppressed citizens of South Sudan were going to see the sunrise glow. Many had hoped that the successful detachment from the North in 2011 was the beginning of the restoration of the dignity of its people. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. South Sudan has continued with the dark cloud of poverty, war, and despair hovering around its skies. It was just a change of hands.

Having been born and raised outside Sudan/South Sudan, I have never been so aware of what SPLM/A was, until when I had the chance to study in one of the public universities in South Sudan. The three years I spent in that public University taught me a great deal of how worse SPLM can be. I am not trying to divest SPLM of its credits because even as much as I try to challenge SPLM, I must also confess that I studied under a government scholarship that was provided by SPLM. As I spent more years in that public university, one of the sardonic scenarios I had witnessed was the hiring and appointment of lecturers/professors to teach in the public universities. I have never seen anywhere in the world where professors are hired based on their political affiliation but rather on their merits and experiences. I remember our school going on two weeksstrike because there was a fall-out over the choice of Vice Chancellor between Omar Hassan el Bashir and SalvaKiir. Dr. Costa Lual who was the incoming Vice Chancellor and also the students’ favourite, was appointed by Omar. On the other hand the dislodged Vice Chancellor was Kiir’s favourite and wanted to reinstate him by all means possible. Because the SPLM’s ever ardous quest to gerrymander everything, Dr. Costa Lual was removed in less than two weeks in office and Dr. Telar Deng reinstated. The question anyone would ask is, why politicize an educational system?  If Dr. Costa Lual can help transform the University as he displayed in his two weeks tenure by laying foundation stone for the students’sentertainment hall and purchasing of laptops for each of the teaching staffs, why cant he be allowed to run the University?

Similarly a Senior lecturer who has taught in the University was denied promotion to a senior position in the faculty because he was a member of SPLM party.  The fact that these schools are public universities should not be the reason for SPLM Party to use them as wrenches to extend their political ambits resulting in schools being reduced to vehicles for implementing political mandates.

In the greater Akobo where I come from, less have been done in terms of infrastructure simply because politicians of SPLM party have denied other politicians from different parties the privilege to bring in development in default of protecting South Sudan. When Dr. RiekGaiKok was a personal assistant to president Bashir, he tried as much to inveigle the President’s party (PNU) by telling them that they should build Schools, Hospitals if they want the citizens of greater Akobo to vote for Unity in their favor. The PNU heeded to the advise of Dr RiekGai and pledged to build some school but sadly, the SPLM politicians could not allow that happen.

It used to be said of the Nilotic Community in South Sudan that any thing that is given to the mother of a girl in the process of marriage as a gift is never to be refunded in case the marriage goes sour.  This is the same case here. Any contribution made to the citizens in form of school/hospital would not have impacted negatively on the referendum vote because the citizens of South Sudan had decided fully come rain or sunshine that they were going to vote in favour of SEPARATION. That was just a display of egoism by SPLM politicians.

I can remember how the people of South Sudan came out in large numbers, dressed in different attires to witness the raising of South Sudan flag on July 2011. There was an electric atmosphere. SPLM was celebrated with “Long Live SPLM!” by the small and the great shouting on top of their voices. An old man standing next to me that day got hit by Sun, the rolled the whites of his eyes skywards, gracefully fainted and was passed out over people’s heads in the crucifix position, like a fan at a rock concert. I wondered how long it would be before I followed him. People were keeling over left, right and centre, ambulances crews plunging bravely into the throng to remove the wilting bodies. Finally the president was on the podium and gave his speech. The speech was full of promises; 100 schools in 100 days, Hospitals, fighting corruption and many others. The people of South Sudan were so optimistic that much was going to be delivered by the SPLM party.

But over the years their threat has been their failure to deliver as they had promised. There has never been any sign of fighting corruption and as a result there has not been any new changes both in the party and as a result in government. 75 letters were sent to different individuals but none ever appeared in the court of law to prove his guilt or innocence. All was just talk with no action. It appears that SPLM party’s greatest asset is that it fought for the country. They camped on that knowledge and have not moved.They failed to transform the lives of the people more because they have a tendency of running from their shadows. They see conspiracy even in their own ideas. This has resulted in failure to implement even their own long sang song of ‘taking towns to the people’. Many blueprints sadly never saw the light of day.

With the kind of experience under this party, I have applied my critical thinking and arrived at the conclusion that the real enemy of this movement is right in their own midst and until they fight this enemy, South Sudan will never be stable.

The recent dissolution of the party structures by the president to me is a blessing in disguise to the people of South Sudan. It’s a blessing for the following reason:

  • If those affected accept the ruling by Mr. Chairman and form their own party, this will act as hygiene to the opposition that has been led down by voracious politicians like Dr. Martin EliaLomoroand hence creating a strong check and balance.
  • The dismissal of important cadres of the movement as planned for in the National Convention, would serve as the beginning of the demise of SPLM as party that has long been the reason for South Sudan sufferings.


One thing that SPLM leaders do not know is that the greatest leverage that any party has is the people herein the citizens of South Sudan. The greatest threat that the SPLM have today comes from the failure to meet the reasonable expectations of the people and the failure to adapt to changing circumstances. That, to me, is the number one enemy of this liberation movement. Anything else, including the struggle for leadership among its members only rides on this undeclared enemy.

If we look far away from home, parties like ZANU-PFin Zimbabwe, the days of KANU in Kenya and the ANC in South Africa, the same arguments broadly apply to all these liberation movements across Africa. They have so far failed to bring about the joywhich people expected.The demise of KANU from Kenya political scene is the reason there is partial democracy in the Kenya Politics today. The same must happen in South Sudan. If SPLM want to continue to rule, it has to put its house in order and listen to the people’s demands. These will ensure their perpetual existence. They must know that the people of South Sudan fought together for them to be free from Arab oppressions irrespective of their political parties.The reality that SPLM championed the struggle doesn’t mean other South Sudanese in different parties never contributed. Current SPLM leaders (whether with Juba-gov’t or with SPLM-IO) must know that they found their sustenance to continued with the struggle in the people and cannot continue to suppress the lives of thevery people that help them. One party politics cannot be the reason for South Sudanese to shed bloods from time to time. If they continue to take the people for granted then South Sudanese must rise and say Enough is Enough!!

“ Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not the alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not President, MPs, but the voters of this country” Franklin D. Roosevelt


God bless South Sudan.