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Opposition Forces Captured Tonga Town.

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Heavy weapons captured today i9n fighting of Tonga
Heavy weapons captured today i9n fighting of Tonga

According to Agwelek Military Spokesman Major.Gen Nyagwal Ajak Deng he confirmed that today, Thursday 4th May 2017 at 5:am, SPLA -IO  forces recaptured Tonga Town after heavy fighting with Kiir regime forces and they are now chasing regime forces heading to Wac Panyikang West of Tonga Town.

“We captured two Tanks from Enemy forces, number of light weapons and various equipments they couldn’t carry along with them” He added.

Nyagwal said  Juba Tribalist regime forces started their offensive in Manyo County with aimed to capture Kaka and commit their usual crimes of Ethnic cleansing in Chollo kingdom like many atrocities regime militants are committing in other Chollo counties under them now.

However, Maj. General Ajak reitarate that they will continued to fight back in self defense against Tribalist regime forces in order to protect our innocent civilians and their properties all over SPLA-IO controlled territories.

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Juba Teaching Hospital to be Modernize.

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Juba Teaching Hospital
Juba Teaching Hospital

The Bieh Telegraph—–Juba Teaching Hospital will soon become a world class modernized hospital after engineers from China arrived to refurbish the already dilapidated medical facility.
Speaking to The Daily Vision Newspaper, Dr. John Chol, the Director General of Juba Teaching Hospital said the Chinese team of engineers was received warmly and they plan to modernize the facility and also discuss the plans of a new design of the hospital.
In his revelations, Dr. John said that they held a meeting chaired by the Minister of Health, the head of the Chinese team who doubles as the Chinese economic advisor in the Chinese mission to South Sudan, the Undersecretary in the Ministry of Health and Juba Teaching hospital senior staff.
In the meeting, three major points were highlighted with emphasis given to the refurbishment of the medical facility…

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Commanders signed under taking In Pagak General Headquarters to address conflict related to sexual violent within SPLA/IO.

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53 SPLA/IO Commanders signed under taking In Pagak General Headquarters to address conflict related to sexual violent within SPLA/IO.
53 SPLA/IO Commanders signed under taking In Pagak General Headquarters to address conflict related to sexual violent within SPLA/IO.

(PAGAK) More than 50 commanders on Saturday from the opposition signed the undertaking in Pagak for personal commitment and as unit commander within SPLA.

The move comes when the Chairman of the SPLM/SPLA, Dr Riek Machar on 18 December 2014 issued the Communiqué of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLM/SPLA) on preventing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in South Sudan.

The content of the Communiqué is in line with UN Security Council resolutions ( 1820, 1888, 1960 and 2106) requesting parties to the conflict to make specific and time bound commitments to addressing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence.

United Nations through the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflict and United Nations Integrated Mission in South Sudan or UNMISS facilitated the work on Saturday in Pagak.  The SPLM/SPLA has affirmed its strong commitment to combat sexual violence including addressing impunity for such crimes, to cooperate with the United Nations and other stakeholders to address the problem and undertaking a number of concrete measures.

Respect and ensure the respect of international human rights and international humanitarian law at all times, in all places and by all soldiers under command of SPLA/IO and to put in place measures to prevent and punish sexual violence crimes.
According to undertaking, all the cases of sexual violence committed by soldiers within SPLA/IO areas of responsibilities should be reported to the hierarchy and arrest and hand over alleged perpetrators of sexual violence crimes to relevant authorities.

Provision of unfettered access to military justice officials to interview alleged perpetrators and handing over those accused and those convicted to the relevant authorities. the Communiqué is in line with UN Security Council resolutions (1820, 1888, 1960 and 2106) requesting parties to the conflict to make specific and time bound commitments to addressing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence.
Take immediate disciplinary actions against all soldiers involved in sexual violence crimes in line with the military code of conduct of SPLA without prejudice to judicial accountability measures.

SPLA/IO has affirmed its strong commitment to combat sexual violence by undertaking regular activities to raises awareness on sexual violence for soldiers under its controlled areas.

Dickson Gatluak Jock
Deputy spokesperson for SPLA/IO
Tell: +251929484417.


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Maluong Mayom, one of the victims also in Bor January 31, 2013
Maluong Mayom, one of the victims also in Bor January 31, 2013

October 24/ 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—In the year 2008, Murle cattle raiders attacked Jalle Payam and killed many people and wounded many others, but Dinka Bor youth refused to follow the attackers and went to Jonglei State, capital Bor killed innocent sickness patients with different diseases in Bor’s government hospital. Why coward youth rejected to look after their enemy and came to killed the innocent patients in hospital?

The case in 2008 between Murle and Dinka Bor resulted to remove the governor of Jonglei State Thon Lek Deng and replaced with Hon. Kuol Manyang Juk the current former governor of Jonglei State as to control the random killing in Jonglei State. The incident of 2008 between these two tribes I witness it for myself because I was there when the fighting occurred. It had happened again in 2011 when Bor youth tried to go to Murle land for the revenge, but Bor youth fighters learned the unforgettable lesson from Murle brave-heart fighters.

If Dinka Bor youth have no momentum to defend the land and property of this community then let them leave the area to Murle community for their safety. This is my advice to them as well as my best community; if not let them hire the fighters to defend the property of that particular community instead of constant sufferings. Dinka Bor community accused Murle community for the adductions of children since 2004 up to date and these accusations are baseless because Bor traders are the very people who used to go and sold children to Murle traders.

According to Nyamilepedia report obtained from the local residents, nearly 50 people were killed, many others wounded, 1800 herds of cattle were taken by attackers, and 8 children missing.

This is to satisfy all South Sudanese that, this community of Bor is vulnerable in term of fighting or to defend themselves from outsiders. Many of us could believe that this incident was happened because of withdrawal of Uganda People Defense Force from territory of Jonglei State. UPDF left the country for the implementations of Peace Deal  that signed by two warring parties on 17- Aug. & 26- 2015 therefore, we all appreciated the president of Republic of  Uganda, Kaguta Yoweri Manseveni and the people of Uganda for  the decision they had taken.

Murle community in South Sudan is a second brave to Nuer tribe in term of fighting because the war between South Sudan government and Yau Yau Movement in 2011 with respond from David Yau Yau for rigging his votes by SPLM/A in 2010 elections was fought seriously by Murle tribe up to the signing of Co-operation Peace Agreement in 2014 which resulted for Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA).

In the recent decree from president Kiir for creation of 28 states is the major cause of fighting between South Sudanese tribes. In Kiir’s home state of Warrap nearly 100 people were killed in intra-tribal dispute over the Republican’s decree in the last two weeks.

I call upon Murle community to tranquil the situation in Jonglei State for the sake of peace in the country.

The author is concern South Sudanese and can be reached at



Bul intellectual forum in SPLM-IO reject creation of 28 states and condemn annexation of northern part of Mayom to Abiemnom.

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Tiang, Bokor reedbuck and white-eared kob near the main road, Jonglei state. Date created: 20 Jun 2007(Photo: UNEP)
Tiang, Bokor reedbuck and white-eared kob near the main road, Jonglei state. Date created: 20 Jun 2007(Photo: UNEP)

October 24,/ 2015(The Bieh Telegraph)–We Bul intellectual forum in SPLM-IO condemn in stronger term possible the unilateral decision of comrade president Salva Kir for illegally annexed part of Mayom land to Abiemnom with out proper consultation from the native.This will not only amounted to future conflict but it would  encourage tribal hatred to the two neighboring counties.We urge Mr, president to revers is decision of creating 28 states and heed to the call of SPLM-IO for establishing the 21 state which base on defined border line as per British colonial system.

Bul Intellectaul forum in SPLM-IO learn with dismay that,the new map release took large potion of land and surrendered  to Abiemnom as per presidential decree.We in contemporary Mayom the borderline are well defined according to British colonial map, in actual sense there is no border between Abiemnom and Parieng, any attempt to link the two counties, these will not work, because it will encroach deep inside the territory of Mayom.

We reject any divisive act, and request Mr president to relocated Dinka Abiemnom and settle them in any area of his choice, whether in Parieng or any Dinka inhabited territory and leave the land to their right full owner because if its’ would have not been our mercy, than we would have not allow them to settle in our land for all these years.The story will not be rewrite again, Abiemnom land is hundred percent belong to Mayom therefore, there is no need to look through magnifying glass to prove the reality behind the scene

The period of policy of rule and divide is gone, the idea of federal systems has been south Sudanese idea championed by the SPLM-IO. We therefore request Mr. President not to wasted is precious time by created tribal states,  rather to focus on peace agreement sign recently in addis- abba. We are much aware that the recent comment uttered by Salva kir in the eve of signing peace agreement and quoted ” Neither Bible nor Quran can be change, this clear indication of lack of political will of Mr President to implement the peace in spirit and letter. Bull intellectual forum in SPLM- IO is behind the leadership of  Comrade Chairman Dr Riek Machar Teny and call for quick implementation of peace agreement.

Office of information
Secretary; Kalany mamuon Biem

Government Accusation on Peace Violations is Unrealistic

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Col.William Gatjiath Deng Spokesperson for SPLA/IO
Col.William Gatjiath Deng
Spokesperson for SPLA/IO

The Bieh Telegraph/The press statement issued on Monday by government Spokesman Col. Philip Aguer, accusing our forces to have shelled their base at Leer County in Unity State is not true but, it is their usual techniques that they used if they want to attack our positions. Therefore, it is completely liar.

Their forces moved from Leer County at 7:00AM, Yesterday and began to shell randomly at the villages, burned down houses, raped young girls and ladies around the villages of Gandoor, Padeeh, Luaal, Bouth, Beer, Leeh, Guad and Dhornor. They also burned the ready grains found in those areas that shown government is naïve and does not respect inalienable rights of the local citizens.

The two parties now, negotiating on security arrangement in Addis Ababa hoping to reach an agreement to end the 201st Months war in the Country. The government chief of staff Paul MaloungAwan did not turn up in the meeting just to complicate and jeopardize the implementation of peace agreement.

Now IGAD plus, AU and International Community should have a right clue for the reason why Gen. Maloung did not attend the meeting and secretly escalating war in Unity state while we are busy to /implement the compromised peace agreement signed on 17th /8/2015.


Juba Government Refused to Permit the UPDF to Withdraw

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Uganda People's Defend Forces
Uganda People’s Defend Forces

Uncertainty shrouds plans for the withdrawal of Ugandan troops from South Sudan as per the peace agreement signed between the government and the rebels in Juba in August.

Although Ugandan People’s Defence Forces top brass have announced that the troops started withdrawing from October 10, the Juba administration told The EastAfrican that the soldiers can only withdraw after rebels sign the minutes of the Security Arrangement Workshop held in Addis Ababa between September 13 and 18.

Representatives of President Salva Kiir and those of rebel leader Riek Machar recently failed to agree on how to implement the peace agreement at the five-day workshop in Ethiopia.

South Sudan government spokesman Michael Mukei and SPLA spokesperson Col Philip Aguer said the rebel movement must sign the agreement before the withdrawal of the troops.

Even the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (Igad) Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (MVM) said they are yet to officially receive information on the withdrawal of the troops.

South Sudan Defence Minister Kuol Manyang Juuk said last Monday that Ugandan troops will begin pulling out “as soon as they are ready,” adding that Ugandan troops have been staying in strategic garrisons and the Sudanese Peoples’ Liberation Army (SPLA) have started moving into them.

Uganda’s Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, James Mugume, said the UPDF forces would begin to withdraw from South Sudan on October 12, but the MVM chief of staff in Juba Michael Alexander told The EastAfrican that their monitoring team on the ground is yet to see evidence of movement.

“We have just been told that UPDF will be moving out but we have no evidence that they have started moving,” said Mr Alexander.

According to the rebel movement’s representative in Kenya, Adel Sandrai, the rebels refused to sign the minutes because the government delegation demanded more troops than were provided for in the agreement on the demilitarisation of Juba.

The rebels’ position on the security arrangement has also set it on a collision course with Washington, which insists that they not only sign the minutes immediately, but that Dr Machar also make arrangements for immediate relocation to Juba.

But Dr Machar’s spokesperson James Gatdet Dak said the signing of the minutes was not the prerequisite for UPDF’s withdrawal because the Addis Ababa workshop only dealt with the locations of forces, assembly areas and sizes aspects that were not clearly spelt out in the compromise agreement.

The Ugandan troops, who came to the rescue of President Kiir’s government soon after the conflict broke out in December 2013, have been stationed in Juba and Bos.

The Compromise Peace Agreement said that all foreign troops who have been fighting alongside the warring parties must withdraw within 45 days of the signing — October 10.

They are supposed to be replaced by troops from Igad countries who will operate under the UN Mission in South Sudan, while Juba will be secured by a Joint Integrated Police Unit made up of police officers from the government and the rebel movement.