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By: Gatluakz Khot Keat,

South Sudan President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar shake hands.
South Sudan President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar shake hands.

(The Bieh Telegraph)—-If Radio Tamazuj and The New York Times reports are to be believed, both the President, Salva Kiir and the First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar are boldly reported to have opposed the establishment of the Hybrid Court. A move which rules out and contravenes the implementation of Chapter 5, Article 3 of the Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS). The two leaders who are equally the prime principals to the accord signed in August, 2015 to end the nearly two years South Sudan civil war were quoted to have justified their opposition to the Hybrid Court that, ‘IT WOULD DESTABLIZE EFFORTS TO UNITE OUR NATION BY KEEPING ALIVE ANGER AND HATRED AMONG THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH SUDAN.’ An argument which does not hold water completely.

Up to this moment, I am made to comprehend that President Kiir and FVP Dr. Riek are none other than two sides of the same coin when they agree on self-serving interest and two different coins when they disagree on who should lead the nation. This attracts my reaction to the unwanted proposal being initiated by the two leaders.

As the wise saying goes, make hay while the sun shines. South Sudanese are in excruciating wait to see to it that the Presidency makes the best use of the Hybrid Court as stipulated in the agreement. Unfortunately, the leaders do not want to make it seem like they mean the business given their controversial stance on the matter. Any attempt which is seen to thwart the establishment of the independent court that tries crimes of genocides, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of sexual violence will be honestly construed as fundamental egocentrism.

It stands to reason that our leaders put their interest above that of the troubled citizens. The reported new turn of event which exhibits the culture of violating the ARCSS is a reprehensible act. Shunning justice which brings culprits to book will only fuel more anger and hatred among the victims of the brutally massacred population. Those that the court identifies as perpetrators must lie on the beds they have made.

leadership means its functions. We cannot let quest for power dominate responsibilities coupled to it.

Having a flashback to the initial stages of the Addis Ababa negotiation, identification and addressing of the root cause of the problem was the chief ideal of the agenda although it was later abandoned for the emergence of the new road maps of the compromised talks.

Had it not been what drives today‘s new proposal by the two leaders, the settlement of the problem which would start by addressing the main cause of the war and possibly lead to identifying those responsible for all forms of crimes would not have changed track.

The slogan; JUSTICE, LIBERTY AND PROSPERITY on our Emblem and in National Anthem needs not be misconstrued by any patriotic citizen. It is every South Sudanese’s duty to observe the treaties, legal and moral standards of human right just as other nations in the world do.

Ultimately, no one is above the law and that we cannot evade justice under the false pretense that the court would destabilize efforts to unite our nation by keeping alive anger and hatred among the people of South Sudan. Let us give justice a chance so that those culprits are held responsible for their brutalities. Consequently, we must say that they have answered and born the results of what they intentionally committed.

If we do not put justice in place, there will stand a vicious cycle of massacre in the Republic of South Sudan.

For Justice, Liberty and Prosperity I articulate this opinion.

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Does South Sudan really strive to build democracy?

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By: Bol Khan
President of Southern Sudan Salva Kiir waves the newly signed constitution during the ceremony in the capital Juba on July 9, 2011 to celebrate South / Bieh Telegraph..
President of Southern Sudan Salva Kiir waves the newly signed constitution during the ceremony in the capital Juba on July 9, 2011 to celebrate South / Bieh Telegraph..

Does South Sudan really strive to build democracy? Who shall spearhead as a leader, the building of democracy in South Sudan? Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit? What an illusion! Is he honest enough still to be expected as a person who may transport democracy to South Sudan? Yes, before past six decades or so, Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit was good at least for something. At that time when you talked anything with him or if anything was told to you by Salva Kiir Mayardit he accordingly lived up to what he said to the end. I am talking of the time of the SPLM’s reclusive vision of Secular, United Sudan and New Sudan Vision “the vision of no return” as they were saying, where we would find them almost everywhere chanting “From Nimule to Halfa and from Genena to Ameskhoref, in Eastern Sudan”. Personally, but not in their quest for United, Secular New Sudan, I was among those who termed him (Kiir) “a good, trustworthy and a man of few words who could only believe in action”.

Little did we know that, a year latter or less (that was) after independence, Salva Kiir would become number-one among the liars or most in-trusted President in the world. I am not abusive, this is the fact. Globally, it is a must and necessary for any head of state and Government to possess required qualities. Or know precisely, what it takes to lead a nation like South Sudan. So I was one of his unpaid fans. I can even still remember the fierce political and national arguments we made during the six-year interim period. We would strongly ague with the likes of Gordon Buay who were by then irrationally the arch-political opponents to Salva Kiir. Someone, a year ago wrote an article asking questions like “What had happened really to Salva Kiir Mayardit”? Was it sweetness or tatse of power that could drive him into the point of becoming a famous liar, a behavior which subsequently led to uncontrollable chaos on 15 Dec 2013? Or was it something else? I concurred with that guy or author! As a matter of fact, Salva Kiir would have become the most reverted President on earth and leave behind even a good political LEGACY. However, drastically, Salva Kiir changed his mind from a habit of building a nation to that of deceiving a nation at best. The recent past, current and present events make up my defend team convincing at this point. All those fatal events could be prevented if there was a political will in our country’s leadership.
Introspect without doubt, we all became familiar to the reason as to why Salva Kiir abruptly branched or deviated from his national-bound duties. I think there is no need for categorical vindication. Salva Kiir had since then became number one—among the most liars Presidents ever in the world. He is no longer a trusted top human being in South Sudan; for he changed the true sense of this famous adage “Words speak not louder but action does”. However, nowadays, Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the South Sudan’s current President doesn’t practically implement what he says. In short the entire speeches he has been delivering right after independence had not been implemented as expected. Particularly the speeches which supposedly mean to strengthen and build a democratic foundation in South Sudan.
Now let’s go direct to the topic. As titled above, this piece is a critique of Kiir’s last speech (article), “South Sudan’s strives to build democracy” under his leadership. Whether or not, the article was written by one of the Jieng Council of Elders or Juba’s government Council of Ministers’ member; that is none of our business. Our concern for today is to shed light on Salva Kiir’s illusion. His article or speech was published in Washington Times, other several international news outlets as well as the national ones. The speech was full of empty promises and it might disseminate unfounded information which should not go unchallenged. In that article Kiir illogically tried to put across: Juba is ready to implement IGAD-PLUS Compromise Peace Accord. But the reservations he made on 26th August 2015 in Juba are still in the palms of his hands. This was the first intent and condition Salva Kiir places on the table. Second, he wants the world to sees him as peace lover and under him as President, South Sudan will strive to build real democracy. The latter is as easy as passing of the camel through the tiny hole of the needle! Does Salva Kiir revere rule of law—for him to build democracy? What was Salva Kiir’s hidden agenda when he signed peace Agreement in August? These are the two basic questions this critique is trying to extract!
Does Salva Kiir revere rule of law—for him to build democracy?
To start with, Salva Kiir began his speech by January 9th 2011 and how difficult it was for South Sudanese to have a country of their own. Read what he said“Just five years ago, as dawn unfolded on January 9, 2011, millions of South Sudanese took the final steps on our seventy-year journey to independence. In our own country, we said, our government would act for us and not against us. It was our friends in the international community who helped shape those feelings into words. “Accountable, representative institutions;” “the Rule of Law;” “inalienable and equitable rights” – for many in South Sudan, the institutional vocabulary was new. But we all had known their meanings by their absence”. Thus, I, Bol Khan, would like to say now and again that Salva Kiir Mayardit is a BIG liar I have ever seen! Does he really know that the very country he leads came as a result of ordinary and millions South Sudanese’s votes in 2011? Also in his speech he said and I quote “The IGAD-PLUS Compromise Peace Agreement undermines the South Sudan’s democratic institutions” end quote. Does Salva Kiir really respect South Sudan’s democratic institutions, elected positions and the constitution? Of course not! If he does, Mr. Joseph Bakasoro, WES’s former Governor, the former Governor of Upper Nile state, Simon Kun… Etc would have not lost their elected gubernatorial positions. Because, you cannot claim to build democracy or respect democratic institutions while you’re not a best friend to rule of law! Rule of law in nature, is basically to implement what the law of the land says and the constitution as it had been stipulated. I doubt Salva Kiir’s intention, because if he reveres the rule of law he would have not trained those boys from his own regional states. The boys—Dotkubeny private forces that would then, by Presidential orders, blocked the national road to democracy as it had happened in 2013. He would have not fired either elected officials as he has been doing all along! Additionally, he should avoid separating South Sudan on ethnic basis.
The second window of an opportunity for Salva Kiir to make democracy a reality in South Sudan was that failed SPLM’s Third National Convention in 2013. It is known to many: SPLM’s National’s Convention in December 2013 came to a standstill in December 2013 due to the following:
A) A traditional practices “show of hands” against the the modern one“secret ballot”.
B) Salva Kiir wanted to nominate five (5) percent of the membership of the congresses to the National Convention…Etc.
C) Kiir’s intransigent against all democratic principles.
But he (Kiir) deliberately refused to swallow the modern democratic norms—compared to old traditional practices. He later on admitted, in Arusha-Tanzania the above modern democratic issues as grave mistakes he had made in December 2013. And as true abstacles in building democracy in South Sudan! Though he did admit his fault, after thousands innocent South Sudan people had already miserably pass on due to the SPLM-Kiir’s intransigent against democratic principles.  Now, who can hoodwink who that Salva Kiir will ever succeed in building democracy in South Sudan? I think, even the IGAD-PLUS imposed Salva Kiir on South Sudanese to lead the nation during the upcoming transitional period of thirty (30) months not because Salva Kiir will ever demonstrate democratic spirit in South Sudan. Perhaps, IGAD-PLUS wanted to end the war peacefully by re-installing Salva Kiir to the country’s top seat so that he can stop maiming Africa’s younger nation! That might be the case!
What was Salva Kiir’s hidden intention when he signed IGAD-PLUS compromise Peace Agreement?
 Are you already familiar with Salva Kiir’s way of doing things? If not, you should now begin to access Benydit’s true internal cunning way of handling the issues. And what he was intended when he signed IGAD-PLUS compromise peace agreement. Mr Salva Kiir’s inner intend towards IGAD-PLUS Compromise Peace Agreement he signed on 26th August 2015 was totally different compared to peace lovers’perspectives. President Salva Kiir didn’t sign the Agreement with all his heart and soul; he forced himself to act against his determination. In another words, he was just bluffing—deceiving the nation, the region and the world!  His was but a naked tactic of “let’s buy time”! Take this simple truth from me my dear reader if you don’t have it already! Look at what he says “I recently signed an internationally brokered peace accord to end an insurrection against my government that has plagued us for almost half of our young nation’s life. I did not accede to this deal because it is perfect—indeed, the plan undermines the sovereignty and democratic institutions of our nation in key, unfortunate ways. Despite our misgivings, last month I committed our people, their nation and their government to the Compromise Peace Agreement. But let my reasons be clear: I did not sign the accord because of threats or intimidation. I signed because leadership is the art of the possible and choosing between difficult, imperfect options. I signed because a government must lead”.
In our own analysis based on the above sentences, Salva Kiir was deceiving the nation, the region and global community when he signed that agreement. He wanted to free the knot or a looming loop which was about to be tied around his neck. In August if you can still remember, the world media houses were so much dominated by this sad news that “South Sudan’s President, Salva Kiir, refuses to sign IGAD-PLUS Compromise Peace agreement, meant to end twenty one (21) months civil war and the suffering of his own people”. In another words, it was only panic of the looming regional and international’s isolation as well as the possible military intervention. All those contributed immensely in one way or another to the reasons. For that reasons, he lately changed his mind and signed peace accord nine (9) days late but in Juba, South Sudan. Therefore, the original plan was to illogically put pen on paper and then blocks the implementation as time goes, then by putting forward the reservations.
Secondly, he would worry less, since the IGAD-PLUS compromise agreement states: He (Salva Kiir) must remain head of state and government for the next upcoming period of thirty (30) months—transitional period. This is the art of leadership he meant. Kiir’s government idea, directed by the Council of (Elders/from) his own region was to buy time. Government’s offensive in the war fronts and unilateral creation of ethnically-based Twenty Eight (28) new states was the real symptom that Salva Kiir has already started assassinating for good the implementation of the Peace Accord. Contrary to IGAD-PLUS Compromise Peace Agreement—an agreement which is only supporting ten (10) states and as stipulated also in South Sudan’s transitional Constitution, 2011.
 What is so strange is that, Salva Kiir expects everybody to just believe in what he says not in what he puts in action. In another words, Salva Kiir wants to use the constitution as his personal thing: that he has a legal right to smash the country’s constitution and nobody should blame him because he is the President. He considers himself as above the law of the land! For instance, if Salva Kiir delivers a speech today outlining how elected positions must not be touched in accordance with the country’s constitution, he would tomorrow surprisingly without fear fired an elected official. While the officials he removes were democratically elected just like him and by the same people of South Sudan. However, if you question him as to why an elected official is removed, Salva Kiir and his sycophants would stand tall saying “I/we know there are people who are working against the constitution, the government and the nation. People do not know that I am (he is) the Republic of South Sudan’s legitimate and a democratically elected President”. Now in such contradictory behavior, what kind of human being Salva Kiir and his cronies are? How do you handle such a messes? Should Salva Kiir be considering a kind of South Sudanese leader who must continue leading a nation?
It was indeed surprising for one to read the following sentences from Salva Kiir. “Foreign governments and un-elected bodies will never revere the South Sudanese vote as we do because they did not sanctify it with their blood. They cannot treasure our sovereignty as we do because they did not suffer to establish. They will not cherish our freedom as we do because they did not taste our oppression. Of course we – the elected government – voiced our objections. We were told, however, to keep quiet”. What a degrading diatribe! He even ended his speech by saying: Mr. Salva Kiir is the elected President of South Sudan. When was he elected as the President of the Republic of South Sudan? The best part of all is that, all the elected officials he removed in South Sudan as well as other constitutional’s blunders he made are there automatically proving Salva Kiir’s impractical language invalid. FYI, dear readers, there must be a strange spirit in Salva Kiir Maryardit! I am sure; that same spirit in him definitely makes it also impossible for democracy to become a reality under Kiir’s leadership in South Sudan, comes what!
In conclusion
I would want, therefore, the public and the world to seriously take the following facts into action as we continue receiving empty promises from Salva Kiir’s Government. Salva Kiir’s Government is neither ready to implement the IGAD-PLUS Compromise Peace Agreement nor it is ready to build democracy in South Sudan. In addition and more importantly, the powers he (Salva Kiir) has now in his hands were delegated to him not by the people of South Sudan. He rob them—the powers by himself, because no Presidential elections held in South Sudan since independence and subsequently after 9th July, 2015. Therefore, if you hear today from Salva Kiir Mayardit that “South Sudan’s strives to build democracy”; then he and his group must be clandestinely striving to act, as usual, not in accordance with the law or what is agreed upon by the world. Without exception, we all know how self-appointed and un-elected Presidents work. So, don’t say you are dumbfounded on that day!
Bol Khan is a concerned South Sudan’s civil society activist. He can be reached at bolkhan39@yahoo.com.
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Dr. Riek Machar’s speech in UN high level meeting on South Sudan, New York.

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Dr. Riek Machar at UN summit
Dr. Riek Machar at UN summit

Ladies & gentlemen,

Let me express my profound appreciation to UN secretary general Mr. Ban Ki Moon for inviting me to this high level meeting on South sudan. This meeting highlight the world’s community concerns for consultating peace in South Sudan and the region.

Mr. secretary general,

I commend your personal commitment; I have come to express myself on peace agreement that I had signed on 17 august, 2015, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia although the peace agreement did not meet our comfortable minimal bu we have accepted it and we are seriously propagating for its implementation amongst south Sudanese both inside the country and in the diaspora.


The 21 months cease fire was vicious and devastating more than the war of self-determination and independence. To date, over tens of thousands of South Sudanese have perished and millions have been displaced internally and at risk of starvation.

The United Nations in south sudan is protecting over 200, 000 souls that took refuge in the UN protection camps and over one million people have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. The war had created a dire humanitarian situation; this war must stop! the peace agreement must be implemented!

However, there are challenges that will impede the peace agreement implementation and I want to raise some of these challenges in this meeting:-

There are pending issues that were not addressed in the last security workshop in Addis Ababa, particularly the determination of the seizes of the forces that will be deployed in Juba, Bor, Malakal, Bentiu and other major towns.
We have notice that there is no common understanding on the interpretation of the demilitarization of Juba and the towns. The cease fire is not holding, i agree with president Salva Kiir on that. I don’t want the catalogue of violations as president Salva did this morning. The strange thing is that we are attacked and we are blamed…. I would like to say this in arabic(ضربنا بكا و سبقنا اشتكي)

No resources for assembling/containment of troops such as tents, food, water etc during the pre-transitional period.
No resources for disseminating the peace agreement amongst the citizens inside the country and the diaspora.

No resources for kicking off the most important part which is National reconciliation and healing during the pre-transitional period.

No resources for enhancing economic and service committees. We in the SPLM/A and our brothers and sisters in the government of Republic of South Sudan must embark on the trajectory that shall bring lasting peace and development to South Sudan.

I particularly call up on my brother president Salva Kiir Mayardit to gather necessary political will to implement this peace agreement in letter and spirit. He must start by withdrawing the reservations he has placed on the agreement. The unity of our people is dependent on this agreement.
Your excellence;
Mr. chairman, Am aware that for this compromise peace agreement to last and achieved its goal, it must also be bridge for achieving peace in Sudan and Uganda and also it is time for the people of two Sudan to embark on the new beginning___a total peace for the region.

In the other hands, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the AU peace and security council for discussing the report of the AU commission of the inquiry on South Sudan conflict and for making the report public.

Ultimately, we as political leaders must realize our collective responsibility to repair the torn social fabric of South Sudan through the transitional justice process set forth in the recently signed agreement to heal the emotional and physical wounds inflicted on our people by this destructive conflict.

I will go back to South Sudan taking with me the reassurances that the world, through the UN remains actively to engage in bringing lasting peace and development to our people.
In my part and on behave of the SPLM/A, I pledge to remain committed in consolidating Peace in South Sudan and the region. Doing so pave the way for development and prosperity in the country.

Your excellency;
Mr. chairman, to conclude, many external observers and sometimes even South Sudanese themselves asks question: Is South Sudan viable in the long run? Yes, I tells them that it is viable.

Your excellency,

It is viable state and what my country needs is not new forces, but fresh ideas, a political vision and a road map.

South Sudan needs five things to happen in the short period coming;
1. Peace and security needs to be restored to South Sudan.
2. IDPS and refugees needs to be repatriated and resettlement.
3. South Sudan must be connected to itself and its neighbours by modern roads.
4. South Sudan must build its own national power grid to enhance development.
5. South Sudan must produce its own foods.

We hope South Sudan become the bread basket of the region.
Thank you very much.

Former Vice President and First Vice President designate Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon has safely arrived in the United States of America

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Dr. Machar, Gen. Ladu Gore and Simon Moyong Kuon at JFK airport
Dr. Machar, Gen. Ladu Gore and Simon Moyong Kuon at JFK airport

September 26, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)–-Dr. Machar was received warmly by the U.S. government officials at the airport. This is a sign from the U.S. government’s commitment to bring lasting peace into South sudan.

Further more, Dr. Machar is expected to address world leaders on September 29, 2015. He will focus his presentations on peace implementations, human rights and among others.

In addition, Dr. Machar was accompanied by South Sudanese high level delegations including Ambassador Ezekiel Gatkuoth.

He was received by SPLM representative in New York Mr. Miyong kuon and his Deputy Representative Ms. Sarah Rial.

Hundreds of South Sudanese are waiting outside to welcome H.E. Dr. Machar who has worked tirelessly to bring peace back into the country.

Thousands of South Sudanese were killed and millions were displaced to neighboring countries.

Tut Luotkoway contributed on this report ……………………………………………………………………………..

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Breaking News: Salva Kiir Accept to Sign IGAD Plus Peace Tomorrow 26/08/2015 in Juba.

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kiir of south sudan
kiir of south sudan

August 25, 2015(The Bieh Telegraph)—-The President of south Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit is due to sign the IGAD Compromise Peace in South Sudan Capital tomorrow 26/8/2015 unconditionally.

According to the south Sudan embassy in Ethiopia, the IGAD envoys and the internationally community will witness the historical event tomorrow in Juba city.

President Kiir prefer to sign peace in Juba due to unhidden fear to be overthrown by the army chief Lt. Gen. Paul Malong Awan Anei and his click.

The world is watching for the country to witness its momentum to embrace peace once after twenty months of destruction, killings, devastation, gloomy and humiliation.

Bieh Telegraph is monitoring the process very closely…..

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Dr. Riek Machar and Pagan Amum siging the peace agreement in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, August 17th, 2015…
Dr. Riek Machar and Pagan Amum siging the peace agreement in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, August 17th, 2015…

August 23, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)-–With the great pleasure and honor, we the SPLM in opposition Chapters of United States of America do hereby congratulating the Chairman and commander in Chief Dr. Riek Machar for his courageous effort to end the baseless war instigated by the genocidal dictator regime of President Salva Kiir Mayardit. We the chapters and the all supporters of SPLM in diaspora are fully supporting the moved you have taken to end the ongoing devastated war that has brought enormous catastrophic and suffering to ours precious population in the young nation.

Mr. Chairman, we all know and fully aware that, this war was deliberately instigated by President Kiir has for his objection to the true democratically reform that started within the SPLM party.  As for his envision for prolonging his leadership within the young nation, President Kiir decided to imposed his dictatorship tendency to silence the voices of democrat in the young nation as well as within the party, that in turn he falsely accuse the reformist for plotting coups which nobody intent to.

Mr. Chairman we are aware that truth will never compromise and will never banished. Salva Kiir has ordered the murdering of the innocent people of one ethnics group the Nuer in Juba and the whole world was denying it by pretending that Kiir regime is a democratic elected government. However, Kiir genocidal regime of Juba are still biting bushes around dispatching  fallacies against ours movement that is fighting for self- depend and true democratic transformation that the whole world are yearning to in this twenty 21th century. We all know in the bottom of our hearts that, without democratic system in our country that we hardly fought for, not stability will be achieve and ours people and communities will never enjoy the dividend of peace that been denied to them by the past colony of Khartoum regime. It is our duty and responsibility to push harder for the real genuine democratic transformation that will reunite our country and give piece of break to our people to live in harmony and build our young nation to the prosperity and justice for all.

We sincerely know that our movement is not fighting for positions; we are really fighting for resistance of evil force that trying to dismantle the core values of our young nation into chaos.  We really plead your courageous for signing that IGAD plus peace compromise to end that brutal war in our young nation. The whole world are fully understand now that who is the enemy of peace and who really an instigator of the war in South Sudan. We stood with you and we are rallying our people behind your leadership and we encourage you to continue your vision on the regard of peace and stability of our young nation.

The undersign, are

  1. Simon Tongyik Nguth Dahel National coordinator
  2. David Mai Tang Chairman of youth league in United States
  3. Cde Nyaduer Girwath Joack Chairman of women leagues
  4. Cde Makuel Wie Chairman of State of Nebraska Chapter
  5. Cde Simon Puk Dak Chairman of Demines Iowa
  6. Cde Gai William Wie Chairman of Washington Seattle State
  7. Cde John Paulino Lado Chairman of state of Taxas
  8. Cde James Deng Kuol Chairman of state of Maine
  9. Cde Micheal Gatwich Jock Deng Chairman of state of Tennessee

We wishing you a good health and God bless you and bless our population enlarge.

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The SPLM-IO Local Chapter in Egypt Congratulate SPLM-IO for Signing Peace on 17th August 2015, Addis – Ababa

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SG Pagan Amum and Dr. Riek Machar signing a peace agreement for their respective parties in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Salva Kiir refused to sign(Photo: file)
SG Pagan Amum and Dr. Riek Machar signing a peace agreement for their respective parties in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Salva Kiir refused to sign(Photo: file)

August 22, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—The leadership of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) Local Chapter in Egypt in collaboration with Nuer Community Association, Chollo Community, Murle Community, Dinka Community, Youth/Women Leagues and CSOs, congratulate and welcome the decision made by the Chairman and Commander-in-Chief and entire leadership SPLM-IO in signing the IGAD-PLUS Compromise Peace Proposed Document on the 17th Aug 2015.

The South Sudanese communities appreciate the ownership bestowed upon them by the charismatic leadership of Dr. Riek Machar in agreeing and signing the peace deal. This means, the suffering citizens of the South Sudan are acknowledged only by the wise leadership of SPLM-IO. We are also extending our utmost appreciation to IGAD-PLUS on developing the partnership workable document in order to facilitate peaceful environment for the ordinary citizens as well as political settlements.

It is worth to mention, when Salva Kiir Mayardit and his company walked and refused to sign the peace document instead requested fifteen (15) days consultations. We would like to bring to your attention, there was no consultation made as per request, on a contrary, 20th Aug, directives from illegitimate presidency, coercive demonstration was organized but surprisingly, it was poorly attended due to the fact that all citizens of South Sudan are for peace.  The anti-peace dictatorial regime of Salva Kiir is silently isolated from within, nationally, regionally and internationally.  The citizens who were forcibly mobilized to make an empty reiterate on behalf of the government diplomatically rejected the call.

The leadership of SPLM-IO Local Chapter in Egypt is hereby renewing its call upon the regime in Juba to sign the peace deal; otherwise, you are burying yourself alive.  There is a phrase that goes “there is more than one way to skin a cat”, re-strategize and induce plans which will give suffering citizens a break.

On behalf of the sub-communities mentioned above, we are wholeheartedly expressing our gratitude on a compromised bold decision made by able leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon. We urge International Community to fulfill its promised in supporting the SPLM-IO decision on IGAD-PLUS in stopping the suffering of the people of South Sudan.

God Bless South Sudan.

Cde. Kang Gatkuoth Kang, Secretary General – SPLM- Chapter in Cairo.

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