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SPLM -(IO) Youth league Conference in Melbourne Victoria has ended Peacefully

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SPLM-IO YOUTH LEAGUE NATIONAL CONFERENCE IN AUSTRALIA under the theme South Sudanese Youths are for change has finally wrapped up on the Sunday evening in this Melbourne Victoria.

Dear compatriots, citizens of the new nation and comrades in the struggle the SPLM-IO youth league under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar Teny  humbly would like to brief the entire SPLM-IO family/church in all level that Youth leagues has launched a national conference for first time since the establishment of our political branches in Australia.

Before elaborating on some of the important issues discussed or addressed during the event, it is our privilege and honor that Youth league organization in Australia would like to appreciate the present of the SPLM-IO external and foreign affairs chairman Stephen Par Kuol , newly appointed country representative to Australia Mr Peter Ayul and all  the states leaders or representatives who come to participated in this conference.

This has been a tremendous and productive conference so far, delegates were able to pin pointed to the very real political issues affecting not only young people in the South Sudan but also the entire population in the country. The conference has indeed commented that, there is a need for youths rise and to take up the responsibilities regardless of their tribes, languages, gender, and political affiliations and so forth to champion the general interest and the rights of the South Sudanese young people in areas such as socio-economic and political life in new the nation without hesitation.

Having better understand about the root causes of this senseless war, the chairman of external foreign relation of the SPLM-IO under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar Teny Ambassador Stephen Par Kuol argued that, youth should no longer be followers; you must take charge for your future. It is time to call spade a spade and a panga a panga, you must follow party’s policies, objectives, goals and missions that are more beneficial for your future rather than focusing on individual. I am therefore would like to challenge you and to do things which you have never done before, please promote Unity, diversity and patriotism among the Youth South Sudanese in both South Sudan and Diaspora, there is no time to wait you must do it now.

Furthermore due to political willingness for peace settlement by the regime in Juba, delegates agreed and endorsed the need for a regime change; it is our general feeling that the current status quo in South Sudanese system will never determine young men/women’s future. So much mention in this conference, for instance reason identified for change include the state policies under kir and jieng council of elders that brought deaths to vulnerable population, divisions, hatred, tribalism, destruction and most importantly shame to our nation are not going to change if we do not stand up for our rights and the rights of those who cannot do for themselves. Therefore it is time to end this eccentric one race domination through advocacy, let us champion and promote the cause of the South Sudanese fighting because it is a just and meaningful war which aim to eradicate dictatorship in South Sudan. A fight which aim to establish a fairer system for all South Sudanese, a fight that restore law and order, a fight that will promote equality, freedom and justice for all.


VIVA South Sudanese Youths

VIVA DR Riek Machar Teny

This post written by SPLM-IO Youth League Chairman in Melbourne Victoria,  the host of the conference.

Nyan Gatdet Chukuel

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