UN to Repatriate Refugees in Kakuma.

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Kakuma refugees camp

The United Nation High Commissioner for refugees  (UNHCR) have started registering and forceful repatriation of South Sudanese refugees who took refuged in Kakuma since the onset of south Sudan conflict in 2013.

Speaking to an eye witness in Kakuma 4 Juma Kuwa a Nuba of Sudan, He confirmed to Bieh Telegraph that the team are on their mission.

” They are coming in group with files, house to house writing the names of the families” He said.

Kuwa says, they are almost done with ‘Face Two’ a block in Kakuma.

The motive behind this move is believed to shortages of food ration for refugees. Many are starving and many lives could possibly get endangered. Hence, UNHCR believe, if refugees could be move to neighbouring countries like Uganda and Ethiopia or Sudan, lives could be saved.

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SPLM-IO Denied Appointing Madam Angelina.

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Riek Machar -Chairman of SPLM/A in Opposition

(The Bieh Telegraph) —The office of SPLM in opposition’ Chairman Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon (PhD) has dismissed the appointment of Angelina Teny as the movement acting chairman.

In statement extended to Bieh Telegraph, the Press Secretary of Riek Machar Comrade Lam Kuei Lam said the movement has not made and changes and any letter sighting the replacement of the chairman is a wistful thinking from the government agencies.

“This is to inform our SPLM/SPLA IO members , supporters and the entire South Sudanese , that the document being circulated on the social media alleging fake appointment of Cde madam , Angelina Jany Teny , as the deputy Chairman of the people,s movement ( IO) under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny that the document is fake and untrue” Said Lam Kuei.

The new Mouthpiece strongly refuted the wild propaganda calling upon their respective members , supporters , and all the South Sudanese not to buy the news saying it’s fake information because it is baseless and the main intention behind it is to cost confusion among their members.

Many papers containing the fake signature of Riek Machar had been on the social media for some months since the onset of the conflict and one of the government ambassador to the USA,  Gordon Buay Malek has been identified as the person behind the forgery,  fabrication and defamation of SPLM-IO leaders.

Spokesperson office of the Chairman and commander in chief SPLM / SPLA – IO

Breaking news Paul Malong Arrived at Juba International Airport.

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Lt. Gen. Paul malong Awan reception after his arrival in Yirol

The former chief of military Staff 1St Lt.  General. Paul Malong Awan have just touch down at Juba international airport this afternoon. Malong, left Juba four days after his dismissal from his position sparking fear and anxiety to the civil population in Juba.

However, the government has despatched a group of senior officials who are close friends to Malong convincing him to returned to juba. Malong after three days of resistance have today reluctantly accepted to returned to the south Sudan’s capital Juba.


UK Troops start engineering work in Malakal POC.

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Kakuma refugees camp

UK Troops start engineering work in Malakal Protection of Civilians Camp
British military engineers have arrived in Malakal to join the United Nations Mission in South Sudan. The UK Engineers have started work to upgrade a culvert on a main supply road that is used by both civilian and UN military personnel to access the Protection of Civilians site. The road had weathered and narrowed dangerously and was mostly unusable during the rainy season due to blocked drainage and flooding.

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South Sudan all Political Opposition Parties Issued a Press release

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The heading papers of all the popular parties in opposition ( file by sirir Gabriel)

(The Bieh Telegraph) As genocide unfolds in South Sudan, much of the world looks away. In one of the gravest crimes of the 21st century, President Salva Kiir and his regime are wiping out non-Dinka communities through ethnically targeted massacres in Greater Upper Nile, Equatoria and Western Bahr El Ghazal regions.

The unfolding genocide is a repeat of this same regime’s December 2013 Juba massacres of ethnic Nuer civilians, which resulted in reprehensible reprisal attacks against Dinka civilians in other parts of the country. This chain of events triggered the still on-going civil war that was imposed on the people barely two years after the country gained independence on 9th July 2011.

By definition, genocide is a state-devised plan to annihilate, in whole or in part, minority communities.  Kiir’s regime, with direct participation of the SPLA  army and state-sponsored Mathyiang Anyor militia, are carrying out cold-blooded and calculated executions of community and church leaders, torturing and raping civilians and carrying out other dehumanizing acts. The intention is to violently expel women, children and the elderly from their homes and villages or exterminate them completely.

This odious scourge policy is unprecedented in scale and has serious ramifications for the survival of South Sudan as a country, and peace and security of the region.
As a result of the ongoing massacres by Salva Kiir’s regime, the United Nation reported that 3 million South Sudanese have been uprooted by the violence, resulting in hugely unprecedented displacement of populations from their homes, which is considered to be the biggest cross-border exodus in Africa since the 1994 Rwandan genocide.  In addition, Kiir’s regime’s policy of “actively blocking and preventing aid access and using food as a weapon of war , has engineered widespread regime-made famine in the country.

As this murderous campaign unfolds, the Region and the broader international community, for the most part, has stood by, excused the aggressor and justified the inaction of the world on the intransigence of the perpetrator. This impunity and inaction by the world, which continues under the wrong assumption that such acquiescence will earn the trust and hence entice the cooperation of Juba to behave in a more civilized fashion, has only fueled the genocide.

Emboldened by the sense of no consequences for their actions and transgressions, President Kiir and his regime have gone on rampage killing and destroying the country in total disregard for international law.

A commendable exception to this apparent conspiracy of silence is the honest and accurate assessment by Hon. Priti Patel, British Secretary for International Development who, while in Kampala – Uganda on 12th April 2017, said that “There are massacres taking place, people’s throats are being slit … villages are being burnt out, there’s a scorched-earth policy, … it is tribal, it is absolutely tribal, so on that basis it is genocide.” This frank admission follows similar conclusion reached in the report of Mr. Adama Dieng, the Special Adviser to UN Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide.

We urge other world leaders to similarly recognize and condemn the genocidal actions of Kiir’s regime; their continued silence and denial only emboldens, encourages and indeed rewards the perpetrators of the crime and punishes their victims. We urge the region and the international community to urgently investigate, document, prosecute and punish the perpetrators of recent genocide in Wanduruba, Yei, Lainya, Pajok and Kajokeji in Equatoria, Wau in Bahr el-Ghazal, and in all of Upper Nile before appropriate courts or tribunals. All such targeted killings anywhere of innocent Dinka or non-Dinka civilians are reprehensible and inexcusable and should be subject to the same due legal process.

The Region and broader international community has a moral and legal obligation to prevent genocide and cooperate in prosecuting the perpetrators. We therefore call upon the AU, the UN Secretary General and the UN Security Council to issue a full, frank, and just acknowledgment of the unfolding genocide as a necessary first step to honor the victims and their families and signal a glimmer of hope for the future.

President Salva Kiir and his regime must be forced to comply and to take full responsibility for their actions and crimes. Only then can a peaceful political process to end this unprecedented and untold suffering begin.

Signed by:
The Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement – In Opposition (SPLM –IO)


The Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement  – SPLM Leaders (FDs)


The National Democratic Movement (NDM)


The People’s Democratic Movement (PDM)


The South Sudan National Movement for Change (SSNMC)


The National Salvation Front (NAS)
For contact and further information:

Email: jointoppositionpressrelease@gmail.com

Rebels Captured Raja, Government officials Siege.

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Fresh fighting erupted in the crisis-stricken South Sudan on Saturday, a day after warring factions missed a deadline set by regional mediators to strike a …

South Sudan rebels loyal to former 1st Vice President Riek Machar today declared victory in the strategic town of Raja said Kostella Ahmed. ” We have just received 5 wounded soldiers who are severely suffering from gun shots” He said.

Kostella said the fighting was still going on in the outskirt of Raja town when he was delivering his urgent message.

However, both government and rebels have not release any statements.

Bieh Telegraph will monitor the situation very closely 

Naath Students Union’s new Leadership in Kenya Take Office Today

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It’s been lengthy since the election campaign as the Nuer students in Kenya were yawning to elect novel leadership. This organization is no longer Nuer Students’ Union as before. This organization formerly known as Nuer Students’ Union in Kenya(NSUK) has been officially changed to Naath Students Union in Kenya (NSUK).Therefore, the organization is non-political as stated in its constitution. It’s constitutional that terms limit in office does not exceed one year. As usual, the 2016-2017 leadership finally comes to an end in march-2017.

The campaign was officially unveiled and open as per the constitution of Naath students’ union in Kenya (NSUK). However, despite the fact that campaign was open in January 2017 by the electoral commission; some challenges were encountered by the election body. It was then extended up to February before the official closure of campaign this month. It was on 25th February-2017 when the Nuer electorates cast their votes and finally elected leaders of their choice. The electoral commission then gave two weeks period of final swearing of newly elected leadership. It was on Saturday 11th march-2017 when the peaceful transition of power was witnessed by naath students in Kenya. The colorful inauguration characterized by jubilation was conducted at pal’s restaurant opposite Ken com house in Nairobi city center.

The newly elected leaders of Naath students’ union in Kenya were from four (4) states of Nuer origin. These states include Bieh state, Phow state, Latjor state and Liech state respectively.

However, these newly elected leaders were from different universities specifically Nairobi the Kenyan capital. The constitution allows only the executive positions to be contested for and the other posts to be nominated by the elected chairman based on the constitution. The followings are the elected leaders that were recently inaugurated comprising of the executive board only.


  1. Wany Bum Machar aka Gatramikel Chairman Mount Kenya
  2. Mathew Bile Pouch Deputy Chairman -PAUL
  3. Lul Kier Deng Secretary General- Kenyatta
  4. Lam Jar Deng Finance Secretary- Kenyatta
  5. NyaLang Last Thiel Information -Kenya Methodist

This is the first ever peaceful transition of power witnessed by naath students from different walks of life. The electoral commission has done a tremendous work to make the inauguration more successful. The naath students were more excited than you can imagine before entering the inauguration hall. One could tell that the newly elected leadership and most importantly the chairman is a Godly chosen leader. I think this election process will provide framework and will act as an example in the future election processes. Naath community in Kenya for the first time in the history made us proud than ever before. Amongst the invited quest of honor was the Bishop Thomas Gamy who sworn in the recently elected leadership. After the oath, the election commission then allows the new leadership to execute their duties publicly without fear or favour. The chairman in his remarks vows to unite all students and works together for the betterment of naath students in Kenya.

“Challenges are there but with the students’ cooperation and with God guidance success in his leadership is inevitable”, Bum Assured.  He focuses on serving the interest of naath students as well as resuscitating the unity of naath students in Kenya. This entity is independence body ready to mobilize funds from individuals, well-wishers and political parties. Resource mobilization, reducing university dropout rate and accountability are our main concerned and interest in the NSUK leadership. And I quote from Donald Trump speech “time for empty talk is over and it’s time for actions”.

We finally had a new leadership and we must works together with the other south Sudanese students ‘association in Kenya for the interest of our students and transformation of our country. We shall respect constitution and works very closely with all stakeholders because together we can do more.

The writer is the Chairman for the NSUK leadership, student at Mount Kenya University and can be reached by wanybum12@gmail.com