United States Condemn Escalating Violence in South Sudan

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May 20, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—The United States condemns the intensified fighting and violence in Unity, Upper Nile, and Jonglei states in South Sudan by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, the armed opposition, and forces led by General Johnson Olony that have led to massive new displacements and had a devastating effect on civilians. We call on all armed groups to immediately halt offensive actions taken in contravention of the January 2014 Cessation of Hostilities Agreement.

Violations of international humanitarian norms, including the outright targeting of civilians already vulnerable to greater harm, especially women and children, and grave human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law by all sides are unacceptable. The international community will hold those who perpetrate such abuses and violations to account. We call on all sides to silence the guns immediately, permit the UN Mission in South Sudan to investigate the sites of all alleged human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law, and allow all humanitarian workers immediate, free and unobstructed access to conflicted-affected communities regardless of their locations.

The human, social, and economic costs of this war have been devastating and the long-suffering people of South Sudan will also bear the brunt of the potential long-term consequences of this escalating fighting. Any damage to South Sudan’s oil infrastructure is an additional life-long wound to the people and jeopardizes South Sudan’s development and rebuilding. These resources belong to all South Sudanese people and the needs of the nation should be prioritized over the violent intentions of a few.

We will continue to work for a better future for all South Sudanese citizens and condemn those that intentionally jeopardize their collective future.

Marie Harf


Statement by Ambassador Samantha Power, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, on the Violence in South Sudan.

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USUN Press release,


US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power
US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power

May 20, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms the May 20 mortar attacks on the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) compound in Melut, South Sudan, that resulted in the death of four people, including one child, and severely injured eight others. We extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the victims and reiterate our call for those responsible for attacks on civilians and UN facilities to be held accountable.

Today’s attacks are only the latest in a series of brutally violent acts against civilians, including the raping and murder of children, resulting from increased fighting between the Government of South Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition, and their respective affiliated militias and other armed groups, in Unity and Upper Nile States over the last two weeks. As this most recent incident underscores, the renewed fighting in South Sudan puts at risk UNMISS bases and protection of civilian sites; and it does so at a time when across the country more than 3 million people are lacking sufficient food and more than 2 million are internally displaced.

The international community is footing the bill for President Salva Kiir’s and opposition leader Riek Machar’s shameful disregard for the devastating humanitarian crisis facing the people of South Sudan. Political and military leaders on all sides of this conflict must put aside their self-serving ambitions, bring an end to the fighting, implement the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement to which both have already agreed, and engage in negotiations for a comprehensive and inclusive peace agreement to establish a transitional government and bring about a reform process that addresses the root causes of this conflict.

South Sudan’s political leaders continue to refuse to prioritize the well-being of their own people, necessitating an increase in international pressure on the South Sudanese parties so that they accept and implement a credible peace agreement. In this vein, we will continue our work with the UN Security Council’s South Sudan Sanctions Committee to gather and review evidence that might be useful for sanctions listings that target political spoilers and those who violate and abuse human rights and violate international humanitarian law.

We regret that South Sudan’s political leaders repeatedly fail to heed international humanitarian law’s prohibition on intentionally targeting civilians. Additionally, all parties should regard UNMISS sites as inviolable and the work of UNMISS personnel should be respected, supported and protected as they endeavor to protect the more than 120,000 internally displaced people sheltering at UNMISS bases and the many others outside these bases who are displaced by the ongoing fighting.

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REMNASA destroyed SPLA convoy in Mvolo County, Western Equatoria State

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SPLA soldier near Dalami show off weapons they captured in a recent battle with SAF troops. The SPLA say they have surrouned Dalami and cut off all suplly lines except by helicopter. All civilians have fled the city.
SPLA soldier near Dalami show off weapons they captured in a recent battle with SAF troops. The SPLA say they have surrouned Dalami and cut off all suplly lines except by helicopter. All civilians have fled the city.

May 20, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—The intrepid forces of the Revolutionary Movement for National Salvation (REMNASA) yesterday on 19th, May 2015; successful launched an attack on SPLA convoy on Rumbek Road, between Mbara and Meyewe in Mvolo County, Western Equatorial State; destroyed two vehicles, a Toyota Land Cruiser and a Fuso truck carrying military supplies, living a soldier dead and injuring several others.

We would like to caution civilians to refrain from boarding military vehicles so as not to sabotage their security.

The Revolutionary Movement for National salvation (REMNASA) is national revolutionary front of the people that is fighting not against the people of this great Nation, but against odd policies and practices of the SPLM government such as:
a) Lack of democracy – good governance and rule of Law –, that has manufactured series of human rights abuses, and general insecurity in the Country.

b) High level of corruptions, which has become the norms of the SPLM\A regime – whereas, resulting in massive suffering and extermination of the local population, indirectly;

c) Lack of social services deliverance and development which has left many without access to basic services such as health, education and which has deteriorates the living conditions of the citizens, as well caused major sufferings

d) Tribalism that is affecting our national unity, Peace and coexistence

These odd practices and Policies of the regime of the SPLM that affects us all as a nation and therefore, REMNASA will continue to adapt to all options, to bring about the meaningful regime change; for installation of national democratic government of the people for enhancement of sustainable democracy, national unity, peace and development.

The Revolutionary Movement for the National Salvation (REMNASA) is ready to use his military option to topple the regime of the SPLM under leadership of Salva Kirr; should SPLM insists to prolong his about to expire mandate, to remain in power illegal beyond July 8th, 2015.

The illegal extension of the SPLM administration for three (3) years is unacceptable – because this may indirectly mean prolongation of the sufferings of the vast pupolation of south Sudanese under dictatorial, corrupt, visionless and tribal regime of SPLM under Salva Kirr; that will cost South Sudan more than envisioned military intervention to stop SPLM administration.

The prolongation of SPLM administration under leadership of Salva Kirr is simple political strategies of SPLM for survival, and continuity to milky the nation for their individuals political cadres benefits.

The prolongation of the SPLM administration is illegal because the it is not in the interests of the south Sudanese as the National Legislative Assemble has no credibility has it is not people’s parliament but as SPLM parliament based on facts that, almost 75% are the members are SPLM cadres; beside that, the few opposition parties in the National Legislative Assemble are corrupted and therefore no longer represent the interests of the people but their individual party’s cadres interests – who are already bribed with positions in the failed regime of the SPLM. Thus, the oppositions forces in the National Legislative Assemble could not oppose the prolongation to second it because this is to indirectly second their survival also within the ranks and structure of SPLM Administration.

The reason for the prolongation of SPLM regime in South Sudan is by what so ever reason not for National Interests but for the interests of the SPLM – to buy time to resolve her family problems on the expense of the Nation.

We are talking of one organization struggling against herself; (SPLM against SPLM); how can we consider that as national problems? The true national problems are what we as nation have against SPLM’s administrations that are inflicting sufferings on this nation. The national problem is the corruption, dictatorship, tribalism, poverty and lack of social services which are the making of the SPLM and these are what we are against it that caused us to be against SPLM because it is what they have lend us into due to lack of leadership and national vision.

Therefore, whether SPLM families Peace talks mediates by IGAD and partners is going on or not; whether the Peace talks is successful or not; what we need is a new regime not under SPLM so as to represent the interests of the people.

The establishment of the new regime of interim period should be through consensus by all political parties, civil society organizations as well religious institutions – that needs to be called urgently before the SPLM’s regime mandate expires this July – so as to dissolve the regime of SPLM under leadership of Salva Kirr, and to establish a new national democratic, broad based Multi-party government of the people.

If SPLM is not ready to reach consensus with people, then we are more than ready to use full military means to bring that desired regime change any time from now.

REMNASA is already engaging with various political and civil societies – including patriotic military officers for the cause of actions.

We are therefore, appealing to all patriotic citizens to wake up and fight for our freedoms that will only come after SPLM regime is toppled.
Col. John Sunday Martin;
Spokesman –REMNASA
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Peace Ambassador strongly condemns the killing of highly intellectual young men in Akobo East.

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Mr. Youanis Pal Kuek and Pow James
Mr. Youanis Pal Kuek and Pow James

May 20, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—I’m deeply sorry for what happened in Akobo County today (Wednesday May 20, 15), the killing of two highly intellectual young men by civilians because of inter-clans revenge among Akobo’s citizens.

To be honest, I’m deeply dismayed by the tragedy death of both Mr. Yohannes Pal Kuek and Mr. Puok James (Pow James) who is also a very well known journalist. Pow James has been actively reporting on Radio Tamazuj from Akobo. This incident on them is a crime against Humanity and this must be highly investigated.

It’s not the first time; the clans in Akobo have been targeting the intellectuals who are far from the clans’ skirmishes. Civilians used to fight among themselves, but revenged their love ones by killing an intellectual instead of the killer who killed the person.

Pal and Puok had nothing to do with this conflict between Chie-tot and Chie-Majoak of Akobo East. Of course, Yohannes Pal is from Chie-tot, but he knew nothing about the conflict. He was just an innocent intellectual who went to Akobo for Data Collection on his Master’s Degree Thesis. Mr. Puok James was innocently killed because he walked with his friend – Pal. They both were killed while visiting some NGOs’ vicinity in order to access Internet.

I therefore urge the authority in Greater Akobo particularly Akobo East County to intervene and quickly hold an emergency meeting with civilians to decide whether the intellectuals are no longer needed in society so that they can evacuate the County.

Intellectuals are our doctors, teachers, administrators…etc. There is no way at all to target them in such useless and nonsense conflict. I want the Greater Akobo in Abroad and at Home to quickly dispatch a team on the ground and address this issue.

Yohannes Pal held Diploma in Accounting from Queen College in Addis Ababa, Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance from Ethiopia Adventist College and Master Degree in Economics in Unity University in Ethiopia while Puok James with Bachelor in Journalism and Communication.

Once again! I strongly condemn the incident in the strongest term possible as Peace Ambassador and I strongly appeal to Authority in Akobo to critically look into situation so that civilians are aware of the importance of an educated person.
Civilians need to refrain from such acts otherwise a possible evacuation of intellectuals caused by fear will be imminent in Akobo County.

I extend my heartfelt and condolences to the deceased family to leave everything’s to God.

As an actor, I met Puok James during 2010 General Election in Akobo and we talked about how we should act a movie to curb such crimes that include the clans’ skirmishes in Greater Akobo. This was after I released my Movie in 2009.

Puok was a great and talented young man who openly talks to people while Yohannes Pal Kuek was my mentor who taught me Science subjects in Class Eight (8). Pal repeatedly taught me Introduction to Economic during my First Year in University and recently guided me on my Research paper early this year.
Mr. Pal is my role model and I must say that I learn so much from him.

I will always remember these two gentlemen as brothers, charismatic leaders and visionaries!! I believe a Foundation will be one-day build for them by Akobo Community to honor their roles.

I pray for God to comfort their family.
Let them rest in peace, Amen!!

Peace Ambassador Gatwech Koak Nyuon
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Bye – bye brother Puok James Reath: We Shall remember You..

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“I look at life as a gift of God. Now that he wants it back I have no right to complain” –Joyce Cary

By: Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,

Puok James (Pow James), a journalist who has been corresponding for Nyamilepedia, and other media houses from Greater Akobo who innocently targeted in the recent tribal feud in Akobo East Count(Photo: file)
Puok James (Pow James), a journalist who has been corresponding for Nyamilepedia, and other media houses from Greater Akobo who innocently targeted in the recent tribal feud in Akobo East Count(Photo: file)

May 20, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)— I was shocked by your sudden death brother Puok ,  the ugliest day in my life was yesterday went I heard that you left the world, it was very unfortunate for me and  the entire great family that you left behind.

The whole of Bieh State will miss you and Nyailepedia family in particular will dearly miss your hard work.

But I believe death is the circle of life, and it moves us all, through despair and hope, through faith and love, ’till we find our place, on the path unwinding.

A short Poem for you…..

At the rising of the sun and at its going down,
We remember you.
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of Winter,
We remember you.
At the opening of buds and in the rebirth of Spring,
We remember you.
At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of Summer,
We remember you.

At the rustling of leaves and the beauty of Autumn,
We remember you.
At the beginning of the year and when it ends,
We remember you.
As long as we live, you too will live;
for you are now a part of us, as we remember you.
When we are weary and in need of strength,
We remember you.
When we are lost and sick at heart,
We remember you.
When we have joys we yearn to share,
We remember you.
When we have decisions that are difficult to make,
We remember you.
When we have achievements that are based on yours,
We remember you.
As long as we live, you too shall live,
for you are a part of us, as we remember you.

When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.
Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.

May Your  dearest soul rest in an everlasting peace Amen!

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut you can reach him at sirirgabrielyiei3@gmail.com

Lou Nuer Community in Australia Condemn in the strongest Terms possible the repeats Attack on Pajut by Salva Kiir’s Army.

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Press Release,

Lou Nuer Community Association of Australia

May 19, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—On May 17th 2015 at 9:35 am, a combine troops of Salva Kiir and its allied mercenaries have attacked Pajut Payam of Uror County Lou Nuer (Bieh State) killing civilians, women and children. This deadly attack on Pajut come at the time when civilians were going about their daily activities, planting seeds and cultivating their farms as the rain season began early this month.

Heinous crimes and human rights abuses have been committed in Pajut against innocent Lou Nuer populations mainly children, women and the aged by Salva Kiir forces and its allied militia aided by platoon of UPDF and mix-Recruits of SPLM-N.

These combine forces of Salva Kiir and its allied mercenaries have killed innocent civilians, women, children and the aged. They have looted cattle, burnt down houses and destroyed planting seeds before the later were defeated by the brave SPLM IO freedom fighters and the local youth.

These horrendous acts of human rights abuses and the killing of innocent civilians is not acceptable. Therefore, we the Lou Nuer Community Association of Australia are calling on the African Union, IGAD, UN Security Council, the International Community, US and the European Union to take swift and tough action against the government of Salva Kiir and thus, arrest this ongoing bloodletting and help end this horrific human suffering.

We also urge, the United Nation Security Council and the International Community to hold the government of Salva Kiir responsible for attacking and killing innocent civilians, burning their houses and looting their properties at Pajut.

Finally, we the Lou Nuer Community Association of Australia is urging Humanitarian Aid Agencies to provide these displace civilians with basic humanitarian assistant such as food, medicine etc.

 Signed by

1- Lou Nuer Community Association of Australia Chairman

      Mr Musa Abraham Gatluak

2- Lou Nuer Community Association of Australia Secretary General

     Mr Mayian Tot

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spla io marching toward Malut
spla io marching toward Malut

May 19, 2015 (The Bieh Telegraph)—A Joint operation from the SPLA-IO and local defend forces or (LDF) are pursuing pro-government forces towards Paloch oil fields in Upper Nile state. Our forces are about 5 KM from the main oilfields after clearing and took full control of Maluth in the early hours today from the pro-government forces.

SPLA/IO and local defend forces commonly known as white army captured government ferry trying to transporting war-hard ware from Maluth to Malakal this afternoon. Our forces took control of Thiangrial and Panomdiit the west bank of the Nile River.

It’s just a matter of hours, SPLA/IO join forces will be marching towards the oil hub in Upper Nile.

While Some SPLA soldiers have got no headway to reach UN Log base in Malakal and Maluth, they are trap in the middle with no choice, only to surrender themselves to SPLA/IO forces.

We shall soon end this war by shutting down the oilfield being used by Juba government to buy the war equipment in order to prolong this ethnic cleansing killing.

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